Destructive Things to Do in Quarantine

We’re all going crazy. But who is the craziest?

  1. 1. Dye your hair

    hair dye

    Let’s face it. Dying your hair at home rarely turns out the way you want it to. In the end, you might be happy with it, but you know it’s not what you envisioned. 

  2. 2. Cut your own bangs

    I have never wanted bangs in my life (thank goodness!). But if there existed a perfect time to attempt to cut your own bangs, this would be it. Now, I’m not saying giving your own established bangs a trim. No, that is risky, but necessary. I’m saying full on creating a new hairstyle for yourself and acknowledging the fact that it might go completely and terribly wrong. So destructive, yet SO enticing. 

  3. 3. Shave your whole head

    Okay, this is my calling. I have wanted to shave my head for three years now but I have never had the balls to do so… probably because I’m a girl (lol okay, moving on). Johanna Ceddia shaved her whole head and shocked her mom and amused her dad, and I am living for it. If you shave your head during quarantine, odds are that it will have grown out to an interesting looking pixie cut by the time we are all set free. Imagine, after days of not showering, you can hop in the shower and only wash your body because you can’t really even tell if you wash your hair now that it is buzzed off! But also, wash your hair, it needs love and cleaning. 

  4. 4. Online shopping spree

    online shopping with credit card

    My bank account can’t afford this. I’ve seen a ton of my friends online shopping, youtubers online shopping, everyone and their mother online shopping. I can’t do it. I don’t know if the items will fit me right, if it looks good in person, etc. etc. I just can’t make myself do it… but with the lack of income flowing into most homes, online shopping sprees are CHAOTIC and DESTRUCTIVE and isn’t that what quarantine is all about?

  5. 5. Buy a new electronic

    Alright, we’re getting to the part of the list where it’s applying to me again. Yes, yes, I DID just buy an iPad and Apple Pencil to take notes on even though the semester ends in two days. So what?!? I’m still gonna be a college student next year? Right??? Please let school (and the world!) go back to normalcy again! Anyway, my bank account went from plump to absolutely starved and somehow I’m okay with it. I’m destructive and I’m okay with it… because we are in quarantine! 

  6. 6. Adopt a puppy/kitten/animal

    Yeah… you caught me. Here’s the story. My mom has lived in St. Louis, Missouri for the past year. Her apartment doesn’t allow animals. We have a cat at home, and I love her to death, but I need an animal who wants to love me all the time, not just when she decides to (my cat is a bitch, hate to say it). So, my mom moved back home to Richmond because she wanted to be with us during quarantine, and we teamed up with our overflowing emotions and wanted a puppy. My sister, who is akin to the cat, doesn’t really like dogs, at least not when they’re puppies and don’t know how to behave. Needless to say, we adopted the dog without telling her. BOY IS THIS DOG DESTRUCTIVE! A four month old lab mix with a need to bite anything and everything because she’s ~teething~ is certainly making our home a little chaotic. But I feel like I am teaching her manners and how to live life as a nice dog and I feel so motivated and like my life is worth something now???? It’s amazing, and destructive, and beautiful, and I love my quarantine puppy! Side note, there is a new generation (for dogs): the quarantine puppies. You have baby-boomers, Millennials, Gen Z, but now, when people have been ordered to stay at home, everyone is getting a puppy, and these I have deemed the quarantine puppy generation.

Have you done any of these things? Do you want to do any of these things? What are your favorite destructive activities? Let me know!!!