Decorating Your Dorm on a Budget


It’s spooky season wa-BOOS! Things this year have been tough enough already, and we don’t need to add a depressing Halloween to the list. I’ve gone through the trouble of digging through Amazon to find the cutest, cheapest Halloween decorations on the site. Go ahead and spice up your dorm with this quick list, and, of course, because college students are tight on cash, everything here is under $15. We’re just looking out for you and your wallet. Go ahead and get your spook on!

  1. 1. Lights

    happy pumpkin wrapped in fairy lights

    Just imagine it’s the end of October, you’ve absolutely crushed your homework for the day, and you’re settling into your bed to watch Hocus Pocus. You reach over and turn on your new halloween LED lights, and you feel at peace. If you’re looking for something more multi-purpose, the orange string lights serve a purpose all year. The ghost and the pumpkin lights are more themed, but they are ADORABLE. 

    Orange string lights 

    LED Ghost

    Pumpkin Lights

  2. 2. Decals and Door Decorations

    Decorated door for halloween

    If you’re a big halloween decoration nerd (like I am), then decals and other wall decorations are a must. Go big or go home with the 146 decals or keep it simple with some tasteful bat cutouts. Don’t forget your windows too! It’s important to give the people outside a good scare too. 

    146 Halloween Decals 

    Eat, drink, and be scary decal

    Cute Halloween Decal

    Paper Bats

  3. 3. Pillows

    sequined boo throw pillow

    With all the spook going on, it’s important to keep your room as comfortable as possible, and these pillows get the job done. The “Morning Pumpkin” pillow keeps the room warm and loving, while the Skeleton pillow is sure to give you and your roommate a good laugh. If you’re into an edgier Halloween aesthetic, the vintage pillow set is probably for you. Whatever design you’re looking for, you’ll find it here. 

    BOO Pillow

    Morning Pumpkin Pillow

    Vintage Halloween Pillows

    Dancing skeleton pillow 

    Hocus Pocus Time Pillow

  4. 4. Dress up your Desk!

    letter box with boo! on it and small pumpkins

    If you’re feeling like your room isn’t busy enough between the lights, decals, and pillows, I would recommend going for some additives on your desk. The burlap banner would look great on your university-issued bulletin board, and just imagine the friendly ghost cheering you on while you do your homework.  

    Fake pumpkins 

    Happy Halloween Burlap Banner

    Friendly Ghost

  5. 5. Jewelry

    White nails against pink flowers

    Last but not least, don’t forget to dress yourself! Costumes are a big deal, but no one is stopping you from throwing on sprinkling in some Halloween spirit in all your outfits. The star drop earrings and snake rings are more understated, but would look amazing with any fall outfit. If you want to show the world how festive you are, the pumpkin earrings and retro skull bracelet can make that happen. 

    Retro skull bracelet 

    Moon and Star drop earrings 

    Pumpkin Earrings 

    Snake Rings