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Original photo by Tracy Le

Current Obsession: Sweatsuits

I haven’t reached for a pair of jeans in months. Most of my days are comprised of sleeping, going to classes over zoom, and once in a while, venturing to my kitchen to make some kind of barely edible food. Jeans have become impractical and unnecessary given the current plane on which we live our lives. My past self would have been shocked. As someone who went to middle school in some of the most eccentric outfits (that I thought were the pinnacle of style at the time, laughably enough), I would’ve been shocked at this notion. Of course, I have not entirely forgone stylishness. More so, I have updated my wardrobe with quarantine appropriate pieces. One of which, I consider to be the crème de la crème of loungewear: sweat sets. They are not new by any means. I mean I stole mine from my mom who wore hers back in the nineties. They are so easy to throw on and the monochromatic look lends itself to making an otherwise disjunctive outfit look chic and put-together. You can also dress them up by adding a blazer (for any zoom meetings you may have) or a longline coat for your daily stroll. Layering jewelry with a sweat set can also help to elevate your look, even more, making your fit equal parts posh and functional. 


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I usually get my sweatsuits from Hanes. They’re affordable and stand the test of time. 

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Quarantine sucks, but your fit doesn’t have to! Dressing up my everyday loungewear has brought me a sense of control that living through historically significant events lack and hopefully, you have also found something that gives you some amount of solace no matter how trivial it may seem. If there’s one thing I’ve learned this year it’s that the little things really do matter.   

Tracy is a first year at the University of Virginia. While her intended major is biology, she also has a passion for photography and writing. In addition to HC, she writes on her own blog, Beyond the Lens, and runs a budding photography business! Check out her Instagram (@letracyy) and as always, happy reading!
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