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No matter what your curl pattern is, having curly hair is like having a full time job. Having to be so diligent and conscientious of it at all times can be exhausting and frustrating, especially not knowing what could make the job slightly easier. Trust me, I know. So, to help you Curly Girls out, here are five essential products/accessories you need for both maintenance and style!

silk pillow cases/silk bonnet

Waking up with frizz everyday might be one of the most frustrating thing ever, especially if you had washed it the night before, which we both know took you at least an hour. To help fight the frizz, try using a silk pillowcase when you sleep. Your hair constantly rubbing against your cotton pillowcases is really what creates the frizz, but with the silk, there’s less friction, thus less frizz! You can also try sleeping with a silk bonnet, which does the same thing.

Silk Pillow Case Silk Bonnet

Spray Bottle

Re-Wetting your hair or re-styling your hair can be a hassle. Getting a spray bottle can make your job 10x easier. Instead of getting in the shower or re-washing your hair, using a spray bottle can cut the time down tremendously.

Mist Spray Bottle

Denman Brush

This is the biggest staple for curly hair. Whether you have wavy, curly, or kinky hair you need this brush if you don’t already have it. This was the biggest game changer in my curly hair routine. It defined and styled my curls better with less frizz and breakage than a regular brush. So, if you struggle with frizz and definition, definitely run don’t walk to get this brush.

Denman Brush

Diffuser/Microfiber towel

Waiting for your hair to dry, especially if you’re a big ‘wash ‘n go’ girl like me can be annoying and time consuming. Sometimes I like the wet hair look, but I’d rather not have my hair be sopping wet down my back and catching a cold soon after. However, drying your hair with a regular towel causes frizz and breakage and a regular blow dryer is asking for heat damage and extreme shrinkage and frizz. So instead, use a microfiber towel or a diffuser! If you don’t mind a slight dampness in your hair and want more of a quick solution, definitely use a microfiber towel. Similar to the silk pillow cases, it causes less friction, thus less frizz. If you want totally dry hair before you leave the house use a diffuser! Unlike a regular blow dryer, a diffuser gives off very light heat (which is good if you’re trying to avoid heat damage). However, a diffuser does take a little more time to dry your hair than usual, but definitely less time than air drying; so if you don’t mind adding a little bit of time to your wash days, I would definitely recommend a diffuser.

Diffuser Microfiber towel

Hair Masks

Hair masks are so essential to throw into your routine, especially if you’re trying to achieve better moisture retention, curl definition, frizz control, and repairing hair damage. At home masks are perfectly fine, especially if you are trying to save money, but linked below are some of my favorites for each hair type.

Shea Moisture Hair Mask Mielle Hair Mask Olaplex Hair Mask

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