Courtney Cuppernull ‘18

Name: Courtney Cuppernull 

Year: 3rd 

Major: Public Policy and Leadership, and History

Hometown: Great Falls, VA

What are you involved in on grounds?

I am a member of the Club Soccer team, the Special Events Director for University Programs Council and Incoming Vice Chair of Programing, and I am a Women’s Center Intern. I am also a program graduate of HackCville and current Community Manager.


What has been your favorite class at UVA so far?

U.S. Education Policy with James Wyckoff confirmed my career path. I knew I was passionate about education and policy, and taking that class confirmed that I should marry the two. I would say Black Fire with Claudrena Harold is the most interesting class I have taken because of the different narrative it presented about UVA history. I enjoyed learning about how we interpret, and sometimes choose to change or erase, American history.


Where’s your favorite place to study?

The PAC in Newcomb because there’s a Keurig and I can keep my food in the fridge. I also have swipe access to the offices if I need a quiet space.


What’s a fun fact about yourself?

I can make a pretty convincing dolphin noise!


If you could switch places with any person, dead or alive, for one day who would it be?

It would have to be Brandy Chastain in the 1999 World Cup Game, in the moment where she scored the winning penalty kick.


What is your dream job?

A book editor or agent for the next Harry Potter Series.


Favorite snack?

Lindt’s orange-infused dark chocolate. If I had to pick a last meal it would be that.


What is your best advice for an incoming first year?

Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. I think there’s a culture at most top-ranked institutions that if you ask for help you are less than, but in actuality it’s a positive sign of owning your strengths and limitations.