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ATTENTION TRUE CRIME LOVERS: You NEED to Have These Podcast In Your Life!

As someone who is True Crime OBSESSED, take it from me, you NEED to give these podcast a listen. I have spent the last few weeks listening to Spotifys top true crime podcast and have create my list of the top 5 and what I love about each one.


The Morbid Podcast has my heart… this is hands down my favorite true crime listen. Each episode is roughly an hour long but will leave you wanting more. The hosts Alaina and Ash are amazing at walking you through the details of the case and are hilarious. As much as I love the scary ambiance of true crime, listening to Morbid is like being on a call with your best friends. I love the personal touches that they add throughout the podcast and always attach pictures on their instagram (@morbidpodcast) to help visualize the important details and suspects. I cannot recommend this podcast enough! Easily 5/5.


This podcast is rated highly on both Spotify and Apple Podcast by listeners and it is easy to know why! This podcast is prefect if you are looking for something straight to the point. This is perfect for walking to class and wanting to get a good overview on a case. Personally, I love listening to podcast that have some personality; however, when I am looking for something quick and entertaining Crime Junkie is definitely my go-to. 4/5


If you are a suspense lover this is absolutely your podcast. The ambiance that this podcast creates definitely fosters the true crime scary aesthetic. I love to listen to this podcast on drives and the host, Payne Lindsey, is an incredible podcaster who does very detailed research on these missing persons case. Something I love about this podcast is that Payne actually goes out and does his own research about the cases. It makes it so original and suspenseful which is why I rate Up and Vanished 4/5.


My thought for Last Podcast on the Left varied A LOT. I listened to three episodes and I liked the first two but couldn’t finish the last two. I have had this podcast on my recommended list for a while so I was excited to give it a try. I like the conversation of the host, however, I feel like sometimes it can get very disengaging. I also felt like some of the conversation was scripted or nonorganic making this podcast lose points. My overall rating is a 3/5.


I know that this may be a controversial option but this is just not my favorite podcast. I like the idea of the podcast and it is kind of like Morbid in the sense that there is a lot of personality but into the podcast. The episodes are typically and hour long, however, there are some mini episodes that are roughly 20-30 min. The reason that this one is so low on my list is by the sheer fact that I cannot get into it. I found myself skipping through a lot of the story (which is something I never do) and was just waiting to hear “the good parts”. As much as I really wanted to like the podcast, I just really could not enjoy it like I wanted to. I had high expectations for My Favorite Murderer, I unfortunately have to give it a 2/5.

Hey guys, I am a Second Year at the University of Virginia from a small town in Southern Virginia. Through my writing I want to spread love and positivity while supporting people to be the best versions of themselves.
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