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Apps You Should Download This Spring

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UVA chapter.

Like most millennials, I spend a majority of my time with my phone by my side. Our phones have become our lifelines. My email, texts, playlists, and calendar are all accessible with a swipe of my finger, and I rely on these apps to navigate my hectic schedule as well as for entertainment. However, I’ve been realizing how I may have become a little too reliant on my phone. I was using mindless apps like Subway Surfer instead of paying attention to my surroundings. I decided to find apps that were a more meaningful use of my time, and discovered a plethora of mindfulness apps just waiting for download on the App store.


1.         Moment

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My first download was this app called Moment, which tracks the amount of time you spend using at your phone each day. This app is extremely helpful if you’re trying to cut down your screen time.



2.         Duolingo

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If you’re looking to pick up a new language, Duolingo is a great option. It has a number of languages to chose from (from Spanish to Klingon), and it’s interface is fun and entertaining.



3.         Yoga Studio

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This app gives easy yoga tutorials for free. It’s great to use in the mornings to start your day off right.


4.         Aura

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Aura offers personalized meditations and mindfulness techniques. You tell the app how you’re feeling, and it helps you conquer your stress and anxiety. This app is a great add for anyone who wants to take a few minutes each day for relaxation.


5.         Goodreads

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A personal favorite app of mine, this tracks what you read and encourages you to pick up another book. You can even join book clubs, including Emma Watson’s Our Shared Shelf.