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For All the Foodies Out There

As much as we all love the corner and all the goodies it has to offer, its sometimes fun to venture off and find new Charlottesville gems. As a secret foody, I love trying unique and delicious dishes, and C-Ville is just the spot to explore. No matter what your stomach is grumbling for, you are bound to find a restaurant that will tantalize those taste buds. So in case you needed some help in deciding what spot to make a reservation for, I wanted to share some of my favorite hot spots and dishes.
One of my absolute favorite spots is Bang. With a unique (and sometimes awkward name), the restaurants menu does not disappoint those looking for an innovative approach to food. Dedicated to make Asian-Fusian inspired dishes, the menu offers Asian restaurants’ favorites with a fun spin. Menu options include Fried Rice Balls with chile sauce, Potato Samosas with Yogurt Sauce, Stir fries and Miniature Crab Cake with Papaya Salad. One of my absolute favorite dishes is the sushi roll with spicy crab and tuna. If the food isn’t enough to get you off your feet and down to downtown, Bang has a menu full of delicious Martinis. With drinks called Pink Squeeze and the Diva, what more could a girl as for?
Looking for more sushi? Head on over to Ten. Located on the downtown mall, this swanky restaurant not only has deliciously crafted sushi, but drinks that will make your mouth water. The Shrimp Tiger roll is not only my favorite, but can also be made with brown rice for all those looking to eat healthier.
More of a fan of Mexican? Fear not, because the option for lovers of guac, black beans, and everything Spanish can be enjoyed at many restaurants. The one place that really got my taste buds excited was Continental Divide. This hidden gem is located on the way to downtown mall, and is so delicious it doesn’t even have a sign. If the neon lights demanding you to “Get In Here,” aren’t enough to make you curious, the popular Tuna Tostada should hopefully reel in those looking for a unique dish.
Are you a history buff? Try out C & O, where you can enjoy fine dining in a building that has been around for 3 decades. The menus presenting the delicious dishes look like they were handwritten by Jefferson himself, and with your first bite you’ll realize that after 3 decades the chefs at this restaurant really know how to cook some food. For steak lovers the famous Cuban Ribeye Steak is a mouth water delight, and can’t be passed up even by someone who doesn’t usually go for a big ole’ steak.
The prices for the restaurants definitely reflect the high quality of the food, but hey, doesn’t ever girl deserve to be treated? When you are really feeling the need to get out of the same old Charlottesville spots, take a trip downtown and explore all the great food this city has to offer. Me and my family love trying new food, and all these family friendly spots are definitely worth spending some quality time with the ones you love. 

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