The Affordable, Sustainable Fashion Brand that No One is Talking About

The fashion industry is the second-largest polluter in the world. You read that right. Second. From the pesticides used in cotton farming (not to mention that incredibly large amounts of water needed to grow them), the toxic dyes used to add beautiful hues to that otherwise plain tee, and the vast amounts of waste produced from the remnants of fads and old trends take a heavy toll on the environment. And while many individuals want to do their part to buy and live sustainably, it can be hard to find affordable ways to do so especially in regards to fashion and clothing. Thrifting is one of the best ways to shop sustainably, but sometimes it may be hard to find those fashion-forward items you’ve been vying for. Enter Nobody’s Child. This online fashion brand is sustainable, fashion-forward, and a more budget-friendly alternative to other prominent, sustainable fashion brands such as Reformation. 

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I personally love this brand and have bought numerous pieces from them and have had no problems with shipping. Their dresses are perfect for the spring/summertime but you could even layer them with a turtleneck during the winter months!  

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Shopping sustainably shouldn’t be hard and I love that brands are taking action in regards to the care of our environment in every aspect of life including the clothes we wear on a day to day basis.