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Add These to Your Cart for Hot Girl Summer

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

Procrastinating studying for finals with online shopping? Me too. Here are some potential avenues or trends to explore for the upcoming season: 

  1. 1. Name Chains

    name necklace

    Such a cute, simple jewelry accessory to pair with a bathing suit for the beach or even for a night worn with a dress. Perfect for any and all occasions! And people won’t have to ask your name! :)

    Websites: Dainty and Gold (Etsy) 

  2. 2. Trucker Hats

    A trend that feels wrong but is, oh so, right. Embody that hardcore, trucker energy with this accessory. Works for a day at the pool or your daily walk. You’ll look cool either way!

    Websites: Urban Outfitters, Tillys

  3. 3. Slip Dresses

    girl in orange dress

    This is my favorite, simple go-to option for summer nights out to dinner. So cute with a pop of color or a more classic, neutral color. Pairs perfectly with a pair of sneakers to dress it down or heels if you’re really fancy. So comfy and easy yet looks so put together! Epitome of easy, breezy, beautiful. 

    Websites: Aritzia 

  4. 4. Phone charms

    Jazz up your phone with this blast from the past. So many colorful, beaded options and it just feels so fun, girly and nostalgic. 

    Websites: String Ting

  5. 5. Jordans

    You will automatically upgrade to a 10 on a street-style coolness scale with these sneaks. Definitely an investment, but such a good statement piece and a way to make any ordinarily, simple outfit super unique. Jordan 1s are great and there are just so many different color ways. 

    Websites: GOAT, Stock X

  6. 6. Bike shorts

    girl in biker shorts jumping

    The trusty, go-to biker short. Undoubtedly, should be anyone’s best friend in the summer. Sporty and comfy yet cute. I am obsessed with wearing these in the warmer months either with a tank and sneakers or an oversized tee and slides. Never fails!

    Websites: Aritzia 

  7. 7. Wildflower Phone cases

    girl with cute phone case

    Keeping with the whole tech accessory trend, this website is such a good phone case option! So many summery designs. 

  8. 8.   Colorful workout sets

    Jazz up your workout routine or make it seem like you just went to a Pilates class when your grabbing your iced coffee. Either works! You also just automatically feel more productive and like a girl boss in a trusty, matching set. 

    Websites: Outdoor Voices, Alo Yoga, Year of Ours

  9. 9. A bright crossbody

    girl with green crossbody bag

    Such a good way to add a pop of color to any outfit. Coral, lilac, bright blue. Truly endless possibilities. Add one to a basic outfit with  jeans and a white tank and you will STILL look cool. 

    Websites: Hvisk 

Hope these provide some inspiration :) Happy shopping!