6 Perfect Subreddits for Wasting Hours of Your Precious Time

    I’m a college student with a seemingly endless catalog of things on my plate – a handful of papers to write here, several hundred pages of reading to do there, a laundry list of other items (crap, that reminds me I need to do laundry) – but I ALWAYS find the time to WASTE my time. Often, my procrastination destination of choice is Reddit, a downright enthralling message-board website where you can read spoopy stories, browse dem dank memes, argue with strangers about whether hot dogs are tacos or sandwiches, and much more to your postponement hell-bent heart’s content. Sometimes, we just don’t feel like accomplishing anything, so allow me to take you on a journey through some Subreddits which, in my opinion, are most worthy of your wasted time.




Man, I really thought that two-legged table would be a hit. No matter how good our intentions may be, sometimes things just don’t go to plan. If you get a kick out of a job done hilariously poorly, this is the Subreddit for you.

Picture courtesy of r/crappydesign




No Gammy, you can’t order Pizza Hut through Facebook Messenger. Modern technology can be difficult to master, especially if you grew up in the days when the closest thing to a settings menu was a manual and your bare hands. In this Subreddit, you can peruse the most hilarious digital goofs and gaffes of our beloved golden generation.

Picture courtesy of r/oldpeoplefacebook




Welp, I’m never turning the lights off, or closing my eyes, or leaving my room, or talking to strangers ever again. Your one-stop-shop for all things absolutely horrifying, r/nosleep is full of super spooky stories written by your fellow Reddit users. Instead of finishing your calculus problem set (which I’ll admit, sounds pretty scary), go read some terrifying tales.




IT’S SO FLUFFY. This Subreddit is THE PREEMINANT encyclopedia of adorable. Good lil’ smol puppies? Got’em. The cutest babies you’ve ever seen? Got’em. Good lil’ smol puppies playing with babies? Got those too. This Subreddit is the perfect pick-me-up for your most unproductive days.

Picture courtesy of r/aww




Whoa. Earth is, like, an amazing place. The diversity of landscapes and life on this incredible planet of ours is enough to boggle mind. Travel to exotic locations you’ve never dreamed of visiting and take in the sights in this mesmerizing Subreddit.

Picture courtesy of r/earthporn




*Breathes a sigh of relief*. There’s something captivating about close calls. Witnessing something on the very precipice of failure turn, in the blink of an eye, into a success is deliciously satisfying.