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5 Ideas for UVA-themed Grad Caps

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UVA chapter.

Grades are finalizing and graduation for the Class of 2016 is a short week away. So, it’s time to start decorating graduation caps! We scoured Pinterest, so you don’t have to. While there are a million impersonal designs to put on your cap, why not honor the place that has been most formative in your path to adulthood, UVA? Here are six ideas for graduation caps repping the University that has been our home for the past four years. You can use them as inspiration or copy them, not quite sure if the Honor Code applies to grad cap designs:

1. The Lilly Pulitzer

Being a UVA student, you have been surrounded by Lilly Pultizer printed dresses, bowties, purses, agendas, notebooks, pens, pencil cases, cozies, etc., etc. since first year. Lilly Pulitzer is the unofficial designer at UVA and as it turns out, unless you’re about to start adulthood on a yacht in Cape Cod, the flowery neon summer prints are hard to come by in the real world. Now is your time to show your appreciation for the brand that has been a staple for UVA and will probably still be long after graduation.

2. The Simple Logo

You love UVA as the entity it is and there’s not much more to it, so why not opt for the simple and classic UVA sabers logo. It can be jazzed up with glitter and jewels of course, but most importantly this cap will remind people you are a #UVAgrad, in case they forget it.

3. The TJ

This cap can easily be turned into a memorialization of my favorite president and yours, Thomas Jefferson. Use an image of Thomas Jefferson and one of his many famous quotes that he may or may not have said. My personal favorite, “You hiring?”-Thomas Jefferson.

4. The Honoring of Distinguished Alumni

Tina Fey wrote this quote and Tina Fey graduated from UVA (Class of ’92). What better way to show people how honorable you are by honoring other distinguished alumni?

5. The Virginian

We come from old Virginia where all is bright and gay, so why not let people know with your cap. You went to THE University of Virginia, so you reserve more right than anyone to show your Virginia pride.

Hi, I'm Allyson! I am a Chapter Advisor for Her Campus as well as a contributor for the University of Virginia chapter. I'm currently a 4th year at UVA and majoring in English.