5 Back to School Trends for Fall 2019

Hey Hoos! Classes are starting up again, which means a 10 minute long syllabus week, diving headfirst into lecture material, organizing your cute new school supplies, and brainstorming outfits for the important first week. Whether class is your runway, or you’re sticking to the big shirt/Nike shorts combo, check out these 5 A+ fall fashion trends! 



Leopard Print

Leopard print has been all the rage in 2019 and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. I’ll point out right away that it’s still August, which means that we’re all sweating. Keep comfy in this airy dress from ASOS (#nonspon) that gives MAJOR cool girl vibes while also staying breezy. 

Picture courtesy of ASOS



Chunky Loafers

Hi, the 90’s are calling, and they want you to know how cute these shoes are! Loafers are always a fall staple and they’re as large, chunky, and clunky as ever. Don’t let that (very accurate) description deter you from these shoes, though. Dr. Martens makes some awesome loafers that come in mahogany, black, and two styles with prints on top (leopard and the Union Jack)! Docs are always kind of pricey, but they’re such high quality that they last FOREVER. I highly recommend investing in a pair and rocking those loafers this fall (and year-round)! Just make sure to break them in with taller socks first; the last thing you want is bleeding ankles on the first day of class. 

Picture courtesy of Dr. Martens



Fanny Packs

Ok, so I know the fannies aren’t new, but I keep seeing them EVERYWHERE. They’re honestly a great way to store your stuff while also cinching the waist and thus, I am a big fan. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk. I’ve been really into the Herschel packs, which are super high quality and come in a ton of colors and prints! My favorites for fall are the faded denim, plum dot check (featured below), and polka cameo rose (because Millennial Pink will be in fashion as long as every single millennial lives. Sorry, I don’t make the rules). 


Photo courtesy of Herschel



Rugby Shirts

I saw a girl wearing an oversized rugby shirt as a dress today and it was A Look™. You might be thinking, “Summer, that sounds cute and all, but I’m pretty sure I’m just going to look like a college pep band!” Well… you will, but it’ll also be really frickin’ trendy. This one is actually from the reselling site Poshmark, which I highly recommend if you’re looking for something that seems to be sold out in literally every other online store (e.g. the oversized rugby shirts that I have previously seen on ASOS, Boohoo, etc.)


Picture courtesy of Poshmark



Retro Print Collared Shirts

I’ll explain this simply: Stranger Things 3 came out this July and we’re all still worshipping every outfit Eleven wore. Forever 21 has a really cute collared shirt that comes in a spring-y pastel striped print AND a darker, autumn vibes print. 80’s vibes all year round. Pair it with some denim, via overalls, high-waisted jeans, or a cute denim skirt! 


Picture courtesy of Forever 21