15 Embroidery Instagram Accounts That You Need to Follow ASAP

Embroidery has become one of my favorite hobbies in the last two years after I learned from a good friend and coworker at a summer camp. What drew me to embroidery was the beauty of often such simple designs, as well as something that my friend had said to me: embroidery has been long dismissed and not considered “real art” because it is traditionally considered “women’s work.” Crafty feminists everywhere have reclaimed embroidery as an art and form of protest work. I was hooked right away; she had me at “crafty feminist.” 

Now that embroidery is one of my go-to lazy Sunday activities, I’m always looking for inspiration for new designs. Instagram is the perfect place, specifically, the #embroideryinstaguild tag. I have a whole folder in my “saved pictures” on Instagram dedicated to beautiful designs, funny cross-stitching, and badass needle-wielding artists. Here’s a list of my 15 favorite accounts you should follow right now! Do it for feminism! I’ve also linked their Etsy shops if applicable so you can buy new wall decor while supporting independent artists!


  1. 1. Hoorimaah

    These little knots are called “French Knots,” and as someone who has also made a floral piece completely made of French Knots, I can tell you this probably took a lot of thread and patience. Love this!

  2. 2. Golsoozan

    This bike is my aesthetic and I want it IRL! I love how they used many different types of stitching, and the varying shades of pink create a cohesive color scheme that really enhances a relatively simple design.

  3. 3. Embrodierybynusik



  4. 4. Ellucystitches

    I love that she captioned this “just girly things.” She’s really out here making knives look adorable! (Also, she’s kind of local, from RVA!)


  5. 5. Joystitch_

    I love this so much. Clean lines, different types of stitching (look at that satin stitch on the shoes and brushes!!), it’s just so aesthetically pleasing. I love all of her fashion designs, and she has a really cute ice cream hoop too!

  6. 6. Nonakeddenim

    What does she do? Embroidery. Where does she do it? On denim and Converse! How frickin’ cool is this?? I had a really hard time picking out my favorite design from her account because they’re all so unique and cool. She’s also out of RVA, so check her out!


  7. 9. See.me.stitch

    First of all, she’s a Parks and Rec fan. Automatic win. Secondly, as someone who researches uteruses on the daily, I want this hoop. I need this hoop. I don’t actually know if it’s for sale, but if someone wants to Venmo me, slide into my Insta DMs, please.



  8. 10. Elizabethslaterdesign

    Known for her more nature-y designs, Elizabeth Slater is pretty dang talented. She does hoop work AND embroiders baseball caps (!!), but my favorite designs of hers are the outlines of Prince Edward Island in Canada. I’m a sucker for a hometown hoop design; I’ve made a Virginia outline with Charlottesville and my hometown in NoVa! Though the designs are fairly simple, they’re very personal and make my heart smile a little bit. 



  9. 11. Penny_embroidery

    Truly iconic. Beth of penny_embroidery (named after her cat) embroiders boobs, snarky feminist lines, pop culture references, cutesy swear words, and many other designs that’ll start a revolution while making you laugh. 


  10. 12. Bananyastand

    Bananyastand’s account is all pop culture references, feminism, and hard-core relatable phrases that will make you text your friend “lmao it's me.” I like this one because it really encapsulates how I feel about hosting, but also check out her “Eat Glass,” “Hail Satan,” and “Treat Yo Self” designs!



  11. 13. Chaumiere.oiseau

    This French artist does punch embroidery, a technique I have yet to learn. For that reason, I’ve linked a video instead of a picture because punch embroidery is mesmerizing to watch. I don’t completely understand how it works, but it results in cool 3D designs that remind me of the texture of a soft bathmat. 


  12. 14. Threadypulse

    If you can’t tell yet, I am such a slut for floral embroidery (despite the fact that I’m allergic to basically all plants). I love this artist’s personalized hoops, as well as her tiny hoop necklaces!


  13. 15. Femmethread

    This Toronto based artist celebrates the human body in their work, using simple thread outlines to turn realistically saggy boobs, cute butts, and meticulously designed hands into awesome pieces of art. They don’t have an Etsy account, but you can send them a DM for purchase inquiries!

Feeling inspired to try your hand at embroidery? Amazon has all the supplies you could need, but you already know that Michael’s has that 40% off coupon on their website!! [Note: I’m not sponsored by Michael’s nor Amazon, although I wish I was.] Now get out there and stitch!