10 Times Kyle Guy was the Dreamiest Man on Earth

I'm not the first to say it, and I won't be the last: I'm in love with Kyle Guy. I mean, his awesome fiance Alexa probably says it more than anyone else, but I'm definitely giving her a run for her money. As you probably know, Kyle just saved the entire student body from a collective heart attack in that Final Four game. When he's not saving me from cardiac arrest, his tragically good looks and striking blue eyes give me a bit of an arrhythmia. Though this list could be 70 thousand examples long, here are just 10 times Kyle Guy was truly the dreamiest man to ever live.  

  1. 1. His Eyes

    I stan Alexa Jenkins. She and Kyle are getting married this summer, and while that breaks my heart, she's just so frickin' cool and they're so cute together. Lucky for us, she posted this adorable pic of him on her insta and my entire heart melted. His eyes are MAGICAL and BLUE and I'M YELLING!!!! 

  2. 2. Flower Power

    S/o to Alexa again for some QUALITY Kyle content. Look at him. Smiling. In the pool. Offering her wet flower petals. He looks so young and in love and sometimes you just have to pretend that he's giving those flowers to you.

  3. 3. All Laughs

    I don't know what Jay Bilas said to make Kyle laugh like this but I want him to say it again. We love a good goofy laugh!! 


    Kyle got a puppy and I'm even more in love. I would DIE for that puppy (and that boy... maybe). 

  5. 5. The Youtube Boyfriend

    ICYMI: Alexa and Kyle have a Youtube channel and it's the CUTEST THING ON EARTH. Sadly, all of the videos are currently on private, but use this picture to imagine how cute they are (and how dreamy he is) in their vlogs. They fulfill every relationship goal and each video really just makes you wish you had also met him in 8th grade and casually fallen in love over the course of 6 years. 

  6. 6. I'm just gunna leave this here

    The first part of this video.... yeah... I'm just saying. 

  7. 8. Saturdays are for the BOYS

    I don't know if I'd say he's ~dreamy~ in this pic, but I love how stupid and goofy he looks. He's having fun and I LOVE IT

  8. 9. :) 

    My friend said this wasn't cute at all but listen... I love weird looking dudes. He's smiling. He's happy. He's having fun. He's ADORABLE.

  9. 10. Christmas Cutie

    This article quickly became "10 times Alexa and Kyle were the cutest couple on earth" (tbh, that's a great article idea. No one steal it, I'm gunna use it. I'm publicly calling dibs). Just look how cute he is with this bow on his head like a total dork! Jeez, I'm a sucker for dorks. 

TLDR: Kyle Guy is a talented, iconic, hopefully permanently man-bunless, adorable, dreamy dork... but he's MY dork. Actually, he's Alexa's dork but a girl can pretend