Why Midsommar Is One of the Most Unsettling Movies of 2019

Between vividly shot technicolor scenes and harmonic interactions, Midsommar challenges previously established methods of building terror in the audience. Steering clear of spoilers, the only thing audiences are sure of is that humanity is truly capable of beautifully choreographed horrific acts.

It is difficult to gauge Midsommar as a horror film because it inflicts terror rather than fear. Because of its bright and vivid color scheme, the film deviates from the typical desaturation associated with scary movies. In fact, Midsommar places an odd emphasis on its beautiful colorful setting.

The introduction of Harga with such beautiful color schemes allows for the setting to seem like a safe haven rather than a haunted house. Seeing as how the audience is predisposed to feel in awe of the community, there is a slow creeping feeling of suspicion as we all know, nothing can be so perfect without flaw.

On the other hand, the casting of the film made a comment on horror films itself. By casting what is typically labeled as beautiful in Hollywood, the audience initially sees the characters of the film as literal godsent angels that roam this heavenly setting because we never seem to see beautiful people as wolves in sheepskin.

The members of Harga show the pinnacles on what it means to be human and what that can entail on both the peak and the rock bottom. Their execution as such a kind-hearted and open-armed community makes for the audience to want to truth them, but not entirely as we can see alarming signs between the gold-trimmed seems.

Although the film is definitely not for everyone as it is filled with mature audience material, one thing that most audiences will take out of the film is that Florence Pugh should definitely be nominated for best leading actress in the next Oscars.