Why Are Tampons So Expensive?

Ok everyone let's talk about Tampons. Sometimes it’s a taboo subject. Sometimes it’s a sensitive topic. People get “grossed out” by it, but why?


Menstruation is a natural and common experience most women have. It is discovered that women roughly have 430 periods in their lifetime. THAT IS CRAZY!


DID YOU KNOW: The average state tax for feminine products is 6.25% That is not including the additional 5% tax given to larger cities in the United States. Women spends an average of $7 a month on feminine products, that means that the government receives at least $5.25 in sales tax.  Why is the government taking my money for something I have to buy?!


Women who live in the states whose legislature still uses tax on products argue that is it unconstitutional, as a violation to the 14th amendment. Each state’s legislature provides a list of which items do not include tax, and which include: groceries, food stamp purchases, medical appliances, even male hygiene products. While the average women experiences a blood loss of 5 tablespoons, some lose up to 5 times this amount. It is recommended that women change their tampon or sanitary napkin every 4 to 8 hours a day. This seems like the obvious thing to do, but it is not always that simple.

Because products are so expensive, women try to expand their box of 36 tampons last. The average menstruation cycle for women is 5 days. However, some exceed this amount by 7 days depending on their blood flow. Without accounting for state tax, it is estimated that women spend $1,946 over the course of their menstruating life including, wipes, sanitary napkins, menstrual cups, and panty liners.

You tell em’ Obama!


We (women) should not have to pay for our hygiene products. I’m sorry, but $10-20 a month adds up! Do your research, talk about the tax with your peers, and most importantly… stand up for what you think is right!