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What Your Favorite Euphoria Character Says About You as a Friend

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You’re someone who doesn’t mind being alone sometimes. As a friend, you’re always there to listen, but you’re not 100% engaged in the conversation. That’s okay, you’re still a good friend, but listening to someone’s feelings isn’t your favorite thing.


You can be a flake sometimes, but when it comes to your friends, you’re always there to listen, and love having a good time with them. You don’t always hang out with your friends, but when you do, you soak up every minute.


When you’re not in bed or rewatching your favorite show for the second time, you love hanging out with your friends. You’re the one that everyone goes to with their problems and drama. It may be a lot for you at times, but you love seeing them happy.


You’re always down to go out and have a good time with your friends. You’re the one who watches everyone’s back but also who holds nothing back when they ask you about something.


You love having friends and being there for them, but you’re not always the best at giving advice.


You’re a ride-or-die type of friend. You would do anything for them and love seeing them happy.


You’re a super chill friend who loves making their friends laugh. You can literally dance by yourself and still have a good time.


You’re the friend that makes everyone laugh and always wants to spend the night.


You would literally do anything for your friends, and you always make them feel safe. You’re the chill and unproblematic friend.

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