What You'll Learn At An Office Job

As boring as it may be to say that you just work at an office, these kinds of jobs give you a different kind of professionalism than most other jobs don’t. Most of my experience comes from working at an office job with one regular sales job at the mall. After getting the job as a sales associate, I came to the realization that working in sales and in an office gave me completely different skills. Here are some of the useful skills you will learn from an office job:


Handling difficult situations:


One of the most difficult things that I do at my job would have to be dealing with difficult people. I’ve learned to keep my cool in stressful situations with people who want their way, whether it be face-to-face or over the phone. I believe for anyone it is hard to remember that no matter how hard of a time someone is giving you, it is your job to put up with them, wear a smile, and give them the best experience possible.



Easy adjustments to changes:


Working at a fast pace office, you’ll have to adjust to changes pretty quickly. Whether that be because of position change or changes in schedules that occur often with people you work for. Either way, you’ll get used to these changes and move onto your next task pretty quickly.



Communication skills:


At my current job, I am at the front desk serving anyone who walks in and answering all the office phone calls. Overtime, you will get comfortable with using a soft tone and using certain telephone etiquette skills to help out the caller's and anyone coming in as best as you possibly can.



Having an office job might not be the funnest or most exciting, however these experiences and skills will give you an upper hand when going to interviews. All that matters at the end of the day now is getting through the work day and working your way through college to eventually get your dream job in your field of choice!