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What To Put on Your Christmas List Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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In reality, there is little to no correlation between your zodiac sign and your choices, but where is the fun in that? Here are some good ideas of things to ask for this holiday season based on your sign!

Aquarius: Something artsy

Art supplies are always a Christmas classic because there is such a wide variety of items. Paints, canvases, brushes, markers, pencils, sketch pads pens, you name it! The category of “artsy” is not limited to supplies. Pre-made art is a great choice too. Photography and paintings can illuminate a home during the holidays, so that’s also a good way to go.

Pisces: makeup

The holidays are a great time to take inventory of beauty products that you are low on, or would like to try out. Not to mention holiday specials and gift sets!

aries: candles

The only thing better than autumn-scented candles is holiday scented candles! Candles make the best ambiance for a cozy night by the fire, or a holiday movie marathon. Don’t forget the flannel blankets and hot chocolate!

taurus: gadgets and tech!

Whether you’ve had your eyes on the new iPhone, or are in the market for a new speaker, tech is a great category for holiday shopping!

gemini: new books

Christmas is always a good time to splurge on reading material, especially because the vibes of reading by the fire or a snowy window are unmatched. Why not grab that set of books you keep telling yourself you’ll eventually read? There’s no time like the present!

cancer: bedding (blankets/pillows)

Comfort is a necessity during the holidays, so why not replenish your comfy spots? The new year is close, so maybe it’s time for a new comforter. Is there even such a thing as too many pillows? I didn’t think so.

leo: room decor

Room decor is a great option for Christmas gifts. In this world of LED lights and fancy tapestries, there are endless decorative options. Posters, shelves, desk decorations, curtains, etc!

virgo: new notebooks/journaling supplies

Restocking your supply of notebooks and journaling items is always a great choice. The holidays are a great time to reflect on the past year and things you’d like to do or change. You can compile your list of New Year’s resolutions in your new journal!

libra: fuzzy socks/slippers

Cold weather is THE time to stock up on all things fuzzy and comfortable. Blankets are great and all, but what does it matter when your toes are freezing off? Exactly. Don’t walk, run to Walmart, Walgreens, or Target, to stock the heck up on socks for the winter!

scorpio: new bling

A timeless and classic Christmas gift is, of course, jewelry. Year after year, season after season, fashion brands absolutely outdo themselves with style and class. A piece of jewelry is not only sentimental, but can also be a life-long staple in someone’s life! It is almost a no-brainer choice for Christmas.

sagittarius: vinyl records/ record player

An amazing instrument of sound that millions of people have invested in is the record player. If you have a record player, then you need some vinyl records! Record players can run anywhere from cheap to not-so-cheap. It’s great for people on a budget. Make a mental (or physical) list of all of your favorite artists and albums and imagine how cool they would sound under that needle! If you already own a record player, what’s the name of that album you can’t get out of your head? How would you like for it to be in your physical possession for the rest of your life? Records are sentimental, personal, and overall a great option for Christmas gifts.

capricorn: Streaming service subscription

The cold weather provides an excuse to sit around and binge-watch all of the shows and movies you’ve been dying to see. Why not invest in a streaming service? Netflix is the classic choice but Disney+ and Hulu are amazing options as well.

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