UTSA Scientists Find Possible Cure for Cancer

It's a great time to be a Roadrunner!

If you've been keeping up with UTSA's Tier One campaign, you know that UTSA has received and spent millions of dollars towards advancing research on campus. The campaign raised has raised over $180 million dollars, and contuniues to grow. Recently a team UTSA researchers found that ultraviolent light maybe able to CURE cancer. 

Dr. Matthew Gdovin (Assistant Professor of Physiology) and his team from the UTSA Biology Department created a method that involves injecting the tumor with a chemical called nitrobenzaldehyde (whatever that means), allowing it to diffuse in the tumor, then aiming ultraviolet light flashes at it. The chemical’s reaction to light is to make the cells so acidic they kill themselves. In his experiments on mice, up to 95 percent of the cancer cells died within two hours.

While all cancers are different, Dr. Gdovin is certain this method could treat multipe forms,“Even though there are many different types of cancers, the one thing they have in common is their susceptibility to this induced cell suicide.”

Dr. Gdovin said the treatment could help with tumors near the brain stem, aorta or spine that are difficult for surgeons to remove. It also could provide a therapy for adult patients who have received the maximum amount of radiation treatment and children who are at risk of developing mutations from radiation.

If you see Dr. Gdovin on campus, or are lucky enough to have a class with him make sure you give him a high five!