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Transferring Schools in the Midst of a Pandemic

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I decided to transfer schools when COVID hit us in March of 2020. It was a spur of the moment decision, and probably the best one I’ve made since I started my college career. There are so many reasons that transferring can be an amazing decision, so let me tell you about my experience!

I told my parents that I was transferring schools over the phone. They were as supportive as they could be, but they were not excited about me transferring to a much bigger school, in a town over 5 hours away AND 100 times bigger than my hometown. It was a really big step for me, even if I wasn’t going to be in the city for another year.

I transferred to UTSA from a small private school in an equally small town. I went through a year of school online, and spent that time at home. This was the hardest year I have experienced in school yet, but it has also provided me with the most growth. This year gave me the opportunity to grow so much closer to my family. I got to live with my niece for a full year and now she’s my best friend. I’ve become so much closer with all of my siblings and even my parents!

It has been very hard suddenly having no friends in a whole new place. I missed all of my friends from my previous school so badly, and it sucked that I had worked so hard to make them and now I couldn’t even see them. I haven’t made any friends at school yet, but I blame that on being online for so long. Not constantly being surrounded by friends has been by far the hardest part of transferring.

Now, I am on campus at UTSA, which is 100% my dream school. I love being here and everything that has happened for me since I’ve transferred. I definitely have been super lucky, and being a transfer has its benefits. I live in the campus apartments, which at most places are reserved for upperclassmen. Also, most people would hate this, but my roommate is my RA (resident assistant). She has been SO helpful in my moving on campus! It’s amazing having someone whose job is to be there for other students. 

Another benefit, is that it’s so much cheaper than going to a private school! You shouldn’t let price make your decision for you, but definitely let it play a part. I have so many loans, most of them being from my past school. During high school, I only looked at how much aid I was getting and not the cost of the actual school. Never let something like money control your life, but don’t let it ruin it either.

This school has changed me in so many ways I’d have never imagined, but it’s definitely in my best interest. Transferring is going to be the most nerve wracking thing you will ever do, but if it’s what you truly want to do, it is so worth it. You’re going to question yourself so much during the process, but just trust your instincts and you’ll make the right decision. I know I did.

Hi! I’m Rosaleigh, but I go by Rose. I’m a Junior at UTSA and I’m studying Communications! I love to watch movies and I’m always cooking something new!
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