Transfer Student Problems

Although I am a junior, I am currently in the second semester of only my first year at UTSA. Although at the end of the day I am happy that I spent my first two years at a community college (and will be graduating with no debt), there are a few things I feel that I missed out on. Some of these may be specific to my situation but I’m willing to bet there are a lot of transfer students coming from a two-year university that can relate:

  1. Commuting! You don’t get to go to as many functions or meet as many people when you don’t live on or near campus like the people who have since they were a freshman. You also don’t know all the local spots as much as most other students.

  2. You have half as much time to be involved on that campus or explore as many majors and minors, so you don’t have enough time to build the reputation and work your way as well as others (Greek life? Out of the question -- for the most part).

  3. You don’t get the typical orientation experience that pushes you to get to know others.

  4. You aren’t AS close with the other people in your major because you didn’t spend all 4 years going through it with them.

  5. There’s less of a chance that you get to take part in every tradition at your university.

  6. People treat you like you’re a freshman.

  7. You’re way too lost on campus to be a junior..

  8. You have to listen to people talking down on community colleges despite sitting in the same room as them (and with a better GPA and less debt).

Despite all of these feelings of difference, if you are a transfer student, for whatever reason, you are not alone! Know you that you made the best decision for your life and education.