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Are You Dealing With Procrastination? Here’s How To Successfully Beat It

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The semester has just started, and I don’t know about you, but I already want to avoid all of my work. Procrastination has been a thing that I have struggled with since middle school. It’s just so easy to completely avoid all of your work and pretend it’s not there. Here are a couple of tactics that I use to beat procrastination.

keep a detailed planner

Personally, I like to have a planner that I can bring with me anywhere. The one I use is the size of a notebook, so I can fit all of my notes about my assignments for the day in it. Having this planner really helps me to be able to plan and lay out all of the assignments for the upcoming days and weeks so I can see them all together.

set reminders on your phone

Setting reminders on my phone really helps me because it’s just so annoying. I hate seeing reminders on my phone and getting all of the notifications, but I struggle to delete them if I haven’t done them. Having my assignments thrown in my face helps me to do them earlier.

set aside time

I have to set aside specific time to work on my homework. I have a set schedule at work this semester because having the same days off helps me to be able to do homework. By having these days off, I can plan what days and times I can commit to schoolwork.

do homework with a friend

I have found that one of the things that helps me the most is doing homework with a friend that is actually doing homework. A lot of my friends will just sit and talk to me while we are out “studying” and I could talk for hours. My roommate, on the other hand, needs complete silence, and can’t do homework if you are talking to her. This helps because if she is just sitting and doing homework, it gives me no other choice but to do the same.

Hi! I’m Rosaleigh, but I go by Rose. I’m a Junior at UTSA and I’m studying Communications! I'm a barista so don't be surprised if I write a lot about coffee :)
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