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Feb. 07, 2021, marked the 55th annual Super Bowl, which was held in Tampa Bay, Florida at the Raymond James Stadium. Just about 25,000 people attended the game in person, with around 30,000 cutouts for those who couldn’t be due to the ongoing pandemic. This year’s Superbowl made history before it began by being the first-ever held at one of the teams –the Tampa Bay Buccaneers—home stadium. 

Was it merely home stadium luck or hard work that led to their victory? Either way, Tom Brady is now the proud owner of seven Superbowl rings, proving that the Buccaneers, and himself, made the right decision to move from his two-decade-long stint with the New England Patriots to Tampa Bay. 

Though unbelievably good-looking, Patrick Mahomes fell a bit short, taking three sacks and throwing two interceptions. A final score of 31-9 led to the Buccaneers victory and Mahomes first-ever double-digit loss of his career. 

As America waits for next season’s schedule of football, Superbowl 56 is expected to be held on Feb. 06, 2022, at the new SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California, home of the Los Angeles Rams and the Los Angeles Chargers. If the season is expanded, a new date of Feb. 13 would be set.

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