Summer Book Recommendations



If you’re a reading fanatic like I am, then do I have so books for you. How do you plan on spending your summer? Your free time? If it’s outdoors by the pool, great! Grab a book to read while you lay out and tan. If it’s indoors because you hate the sun like some people then try reading a book that stimulates your mind (it’s me, I’m some people). One thing that I’ve noticed over the past couple years is that wherever I go, having a book to read in my bag always makes me feel better. Imagine you’re stuck running errands all day with your mom and your bored out of your mind, that’s the best thing about books is that reading can happen anywhere.

Don’t know which book you should read first? Here’s some recommendations:

  1. AFTER by Anna Todd: Romance

I’m going to list this one first because it’s my favorite. It’s about a girl named Tessa who goes off to her first-year of college and falls in love with a boy named Hardin. This is a romance book that deals with the realistic ups and downs of a relationship. It deals with some heavy topics like alcoholism, abandonment, and drug abuse.

“The damned deserve to have their stories told too.”

  1. TO ALL THE BOYS I’VE LOVED BEFORE by Jenny Han: Contemporary

Yes, this is on Netflix. But haven’t you ever heard the saying “the books was better than the movie”? There’s a whole lot more drama Lara Jean and Peter K. go through that the movie doesn’t show. If you don’t already know, this is about an Asian-American teen girl in her junior year of high school. She has written 5 letters to 5 different boys who she’s had a crush on. When the letters get sent out, Lara Jean’s world is flipped upside down. This is a feel good, easy read with all the right feels and heart-throbbing moments.

“My first thought is: I have muscle memory of his lips.

My second thought is: I hope Josh is watching. He has to be watching or it’s all for nothing.”

  1. CLOCKWORK ANGEL by Cassandra Clare: Sci-fi/Fantasy

Or anything by Cassandra Clare, really. The woman has a lot of books and they’re all good you can’t go wrong with any of them. But for me, The Infernal Devices is her best shadowhunter series. This is the first of three books. It is centered in Victorian England and centers around a young girl named Tessa. (No correlation to the other Tessa I mentioned earlier). Tessa’s brother goes missing and she stops at nothing to find him. Including getting kidnapped by evil sisters and then escaping into the arms of two best friends Will and James. Insert amazing love-triangle now. Tessa learns she has powers and is being hunted down by an evil villain. This book is the perfect blend of teen romance and magical powers.

“How rude. Many who have gazed upon me have compared the experience to gazing at the radiance of the sun.

If they mean it gives you a headache, they aren’t wrong.”

  1. REDEEMING LOVE by Francine Rivers: Christianity

This is a fiction book set in the 1850’s and is about a girl’s life and how she found God. It is raw and heart-breaking, it brought me to tears and laughter. The woman, Angel, finds herself sold into prostitution and has never seen God’s mercy, or so she’s convinced. Then she meets Michael, a strong-willed Christian who obeys God’s call to love Angel unconditionally. Angel fights him the only way she knows how and through trials and tribulations, their marriage isn’t easy. It isn’t enough that God and Michael love her, she has to love herself and learn to love them in return. It’s an inspiring story about God’s love.

“She was going to pretend that she was pure and whole and not let the nightmares of the last ten years destroy it for her. Not this time. Not if she could help it.”

  1. ON WRITING by Stephen King: Nonfiction

This is Stephen King’s memoir to the craft of writing. He recounts stories of his childhood and interweaves pieces of advice on how to write well and compelling stories. It’s a nice look into the genius mind behind over 100 books and know how he does it. You’d think something has to be wrong with a guy to write such horror stories like It, Carrie, and Pet Sematary. Well this is as close as you can get to finding out. If you’re like me and dream of becoming a successful writer like Stephen King, they you have to learn from the best.

“Put your vocabulary on the top shelf of your toolbox, and don’t make any conscious effort to improve it.”

Well there you have it. 5 book recommendations from 5 different genres. Hopefully I’ve included a little something for everybody. The best writers always say if you want to improve your writing, one must not only write a lot but read a lot. Or even if you don’t want to be a writer and reading is just a fun thing you do because you enjoy it, whatever your reasons are, pick up a book this summer. (: