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It’s that time of the year again, ‘Runners. The air is colder, the leaves are changing colors, and there is a sense of dread everywhere you turn. That’s right: Halloween is approaching. Get yourself into the spirit of the season with these scary, yet true, incidents that have happened on and near campus.

Trigger warning: The information in this article contains mentions of death, please read with caution. 

UTSA is a fairly young campus, but have you ever wondered about the spooky history on campus? Well, we did some investigating…

Did you know that back in 1996, there was a murder-suicide in the JPL? On the first day of fall classes, a shooting occurred before 5 PM. On the second floor of the JPL, a student and a library employee were both found dead from an apparent gunshot. When police arrived, both people were pronounced dead at the scene. Reflect on this tidbit next time you’re studying in the JPL late at night. 

Back in 2014, an employee was found inside his vehicle in the Ximenes Lot. According to employees, it was the employee’s first day at work. When it was time for lunch, the employee went to his car. The other employees stated that he had been gone for a while, but they assumed that he was just taking a long lunch break. After some time had passed, another employee found a person deceased in his vehicle. Turns out, it was the employee who had been gone for a while. 

Earlier this month, a body was found on the west side of the UTSA Main Campus. On October 1st, 2019, SAPD remains were found by surveying workers at the 7200 block of N. Loop 1604 West near Babcock Road. As of right now, no further information has been released, except that the body has been there for 6 months. 

After conducting research for this post, it is clear that many different, scary and sad events have taken place on campus. Seems like there are much more scary things at UTSA than the hordes of crickets that invaded us a few weeks ago, doesn’t it? 

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