San Antonio Mom finds "Finger Condom" in Pizza

Pizza is great. It's great for drunchies. It's great for a night in with your boyfriend. It's great for when you just want to watch Netflix and veg out.

What's not great is finding a finger condom in your beloved comfort food. That's exaclty what one San Antonio woman got when she took a big ole' bite out of her Little Ceasar's. 


News 4 of San Antonio intially ran the story of the extra (and disgusting) ingredient on tuesday night. Christina Martinez was minding her own busniess and chowing down on some pizza when she realized something was not quite right. News 4 quoted Martinez as saying, "I pulled it out of my mouth and it was just really gross." You dont say huh? They also included this picture of the hot and ready ingredient. 

In a statement to KABB/WOAI, Darrel Davis, the director of operations for Little Caesars of San Antonio said, "We take great measures to ensure that our stores serve products of the highest quality. We are conducting a thorough investigation to determine if, and if so how, a protective bandage cover was introduced into the production process. We have strict quality assurance procedures that are followed daily in our stores."

It's still unclear as to how Martinez's little friend made it into her food. We can think of a few ways that we would rather not contemplate...