New Month Resolutions

After the New Year everyone gets bombarded with questions regarding their New Year’s resolutions, and usually everyone’s is the same. They usually end up being along the lines of becoming healthier, going to the gym more, or kicking that bad habit you’ve had for years. Like everyone else, I have a problem sticking to my resolutions because it’s a lot of pressure, and I don’t like the feeling of failing.

Each year it never fails that I can’t get through the whole year with the goals I set in January, so this year I decided to change it. I decided to make a new resolution each month and stick to it through the month. If I complete the month, I carry it over to the next month. If I mess up I think “well it’s not a year it’s only a month and I’ll start over tomorrow.” I know it doesn’t make sense, but it does to me. So here are my resolutions for each month:

January - Drink less tea (tea is my drug) and soda -- I did pretty good.

February - Throw away things I don’t need -- this one is harder than I thought.

March - Have positive study habits in place by midterms

April - Have a good schedule in place

May - Graduate!!! (This is my favorite)

June - Explore new places

July - Embrace (some) changes (slow and steady)

August - Stop buying so much Starbucks

September - Be able to enjoy time alone

October - Stop judging myself so harshly

November - Finally sticking to bullet journaling

December - Be happier


These are all small resolutions, but they are doable. I suggest if you can’t stick to a major resolution, make a lot of small ones. Having these in my mind does not mean I have to wait until that month to do them. I have them in my mind all year, and for that specific month I will focus on them. Some of these have more importance than others, and some are harder than they sound, but I will try to do all of these and stick to them.


So far I’m doing pretty good, and they aren’t as stressful to me as one big resolution. These goals are some that I would have picked as a full years resolution and others not, so I don’t think I’m losing out on improving myself in small ways.