Netflix Movies To Prepare You For Halloween

Streaming services, like Netflix, are admittedly a blessing. There are thousands of movies available at your fingertips (albeit at a sometimes steep price). Because loads of movies and shows are available, I don’t blame anyone for giving up on finding the right movie— especially when you’re trying to get in that creepy, bone-chilling, Halloween mood. I personally love— and I mean love— all things creepy, so I’ve seen a lot of horror movies. Here’s a list of some of the best bone-chilling movies on Netflix to prepare yourself for the night of All Hallows Eve. 


Veronica (If you don’t know Spanish, watch with closed captions if you’re really looking to be spooked)

Marianne (French show-- also watch with closed captions, it is very worth it if you’re still looking to be spooked)

The Conjuring 

The Witch




St. Agatha


The Haunting of Hill House (A show, not movie)


The Last Exorcism


American Poltergeist 

Before I Wake