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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UTSA chapter.

Need to declutter your life and really get it together?? I’m not talking about moving things in the corner of your room and saying it’s “clean.” No, no, I mean completely decluttered to where you can see your floor and walk on it without stepping on a pen. It all starts with getting rid of unnecessary items. You ready to get organized, well let’s do this!

I can be quite the nerd sometimes when it comes to stationery things like pens and notebooks. However, it gets to the point where I need a place to store things like that along with all my trinkets and whatnot. I, of course, got rid of the unnecessary items and decided to buy shelves/containers. If you need some well-priced shelves or little carts with storage in them, go to IKEA! Big place and fun things, you will hopefully not be disappointed. For a college student, IKEA is ideal for organization as well as cute décor!

Despite all that, allow me to give you tips on organizing everything and making it look aesthetic. Trust me; the aesthetic look gives off an organized and chill vibe which we love! I take my ideas from Pinterest and Tik Tok. I see a lot of education majors on Tik Tok who have shelves and shelves full of their stationary. For me, the key is putting the shelves somewhat close together or adding a little extra piece of décor in between them. As for carts, if you do not know what I mean by that, I mean a three-tier cart where you can add stuff into each tier. I suggest putting that by your bedside because it can also serve as a nightstand!

Again, these are just suggestions, but they really make your space feel less crowded and look nice. If you are a nerd like me and love pens, then cute cups or little vases with the pens look great on the three-tier cart! I always feel that decluttering my room and making it look neat makes me feel more at peace and productive, surprisingly. I hope you take these ideas and even make them your own with your type of style!

Hi, I'm Natalie and am a junior at UTSA! Born and raised in San Antonio, I basically live at La Cantera mall. Catch me writing, reading or laughing too much!