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I believe one of the most common questions we ask ourselves at least once is something in relation to finding happiness. Life is not easy, but it wasn’t necessarily meant to be. There is so much to be happy about, even in your lowest moments. One of my favorite quotes that I try to remember when I’m not feeling it is,

“Not everyday is a good day, but there is definitely something good in everyday.”

In addition, one of my favorite mentors once told me, “happiness is not found in the things of this world, but it is found in the simplicity of it.”

Let’s let that sink in, and then reflect on it.

You can take this quote and make of it what you will, but it made me think about the simplest things in life that I take for granted. For example, I don’t ever take the time to stare at the sky and admire its beauty, or the small acts of kindness that have taken place over the course of my life. The point is, I don’t take the time to reflect on the beauty that lives in everyday life. Sure, I do admire the good things when they happen in the present, but never just at random. Yet, that’s the key! Thinking about all the good times that have happened and have yet to happen. Keep dreaming about the beautiful things in life. Ponder on the good and push out the bad. I know it’s not always easy to just think good things, but you know what? Why not take those bad things and turn them around to something good? Use them to your advantage. Look at it from a positive or lesson-learned perspective. I promise you that it can make a huge difference.

All of this to say that you can find what makes you turn those ugly habits of negativity to brighter thoughts. Show yourself some love!

P.S. I have my very own podcast called Tuesday Talks with Tamika, and I have a full episode dedicated to finding happiness. I highly encourage you to check it out if you’re intersted!

My name is Tamika Raquel Gonzalez, I don’t have a nickname. I am 18 years old and I enjoy absolutely everything. I am currently a freshman but classified as a sophomore. I live for motivation and happiness! So therefore, I play in role in bringing it forth in all that I do.
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