How to Make Your Room A Haven

Because of the COVID-19 quarantine, we have all been in lockdown. The unexpected shift has forced us to be in our homes 24/7 and brought on a new wave of home improvement. People are starting to realize they need a change in how their home feels, and want a living space that actually makes them feel good. Why change your room? Your space should bring you happiness. Following Japanese organization expert Marie Kondo’s adage, everything you own should “spark joy”. Your home (or your bedroom if living with others) is the only place in the world you have full control over. You control how it looks, feels, smells, and who is allowed in. You deserve to walk into your area, your haven, and feel nothing but joy. Listed below are some simple ways to make your area the ultimate space to feel safe and at peace in.

How to make your room a haven: 

  1. 1. Establish the vibe.

    We have all experienced a room where we walked in and the vibe was “off.” Whether it was the people in the room, the lighting, or even the decor, you felt uncomfortable and unwelcome. Your room needs to welcome you and excite you to walk in. You need to decide what vibe you want in your room. Maybe your room is for creating, and you want to be inspired. Do you want to feel at peace and relaxed? Do some thinking and figure out what the intention of the room is.

  2. 2. Clean.

    Yes, as basic as this sounds, it is key. If your area is not clean, why would you want to work or relax in it? When you have 10+ used cups sitting on your counter, there is no space for you to set up your books or laptop (cue the walk of shame to the kitchen holding every cup in the household). If your designated reading chair is piled to the ceiling with clothes, why should you feel any motivation to read? Many studies back me up here in the power of cleaning your room, and especially in making your bed every morning. Making your bed starts your day off with an easy accomplishment, helps wake you up, and can even boost productivity for the rest of the day. Plus, no matter how long or hard your day was, you will be greeted with a neatly made bed to fall asleep in.

  3. 3. Find your scent.

    Did you know your sense of smell is most linked to memory compared to the rest of your senses? Your olfactory system can bring up memories connected to scents when you experience them —​ both good and bad. There are two easy ways to figure out what scent you should incorporate in your room:

    Use your memories to guide your scent. Think about the good memories you have —​ make a list of your top five memories that match the vibe you established earlier. What do you smell when you think of those flashbacks? Look for fragrance items with these scents so your room can bring those positive memories to life.

    Use your established vibe to guide your scent. Below are scents paired with things they help elicit.

    ● Lavender — sleep and relaxation

    ● Citrus — energy

    ● Peppermint — concentration

    ● Jasmine and Gardenia — boosts mood

  4. 4. Add greenery.

    Not everyone has a green thumb, but I do recommend having real plants in your room. Having some green in your room will help brighten the area, and bring literal life into the space. Plants clean your air and will make you open your window to let more sun in. Natural light has been proven to help protect you from seasonal changes in mood, and we all need a little mood help during this pandemic (plus it’s great lighting for doing your makeup). Some of my favorite plants are succulents and air plants because they are small and easy to take care of. 

These are just a few things I do to make my room a place I want to be in. You deserve to feel joy, excitement, relaxation, peace, and any other positive emotion when you enter your personal space. Make your room your haven, and watch the other areas of your life follow your vibe.