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Flashback Friday: Fiesta UTSA


On this day in 1978, UTSA hosted its very first Fiesta UTSA!

The event, which kicks of Fiesta season for UTSA students, has become a great fundraising opportunity for student organizations, a delicious way for students to taste the culture of UTSA, and a long-standing and beloved tradition. make sure you stop-by next week and participate on the Paseo!


Chloe is currently a senior trying to figure out how she's going to be capable of functioning as a real adult in less than a year. When she's not currently dealing with this quarter life crisis you can find her at happy hour, watching movies she knows will make her cry (& forcing her fiance to watch them with her, becaue #love, obsessing over her December wedding, and just generally trying to relive freshman year with her friends because she knows the best years of her life are about to end.
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