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During the past few years, journaling has become more and more popular, with dozens of Instagram and YouTube accounts centering their content around journaling. The great thing about this hobby is how inexpensive and easy it is to personalize your journal to how you would like it set up. I have a few journals that I use regularly. Some more often than others, but that's how journaling can sometimes be. Here are two of the most important tips I have for those wanting to begin journaling.

​Go at your own pace.

Journaling is something I enjoy and find very relaxing. However, on days where I do not feel like writing, I will NOT force myself to do so. I started journaling in 2014, and for a while, I forced myself to write every single day. I hated journaling at one point because of this reason and since most days I had nothing to say. Journaling only at times you feel like makes this hobby that much more enjoyable.

Make it your own.

Like I had previously stated, there is no one way to journal. Some people write down important dates, make lists, write down goals, jot down fun memories, doodle, or just write out how they are feeling. Use your own creativity and artistic ability to journal how you would like. It is a private place for just you and your thoughts.

My personal uses for my journals are for writing my thoughts and self-reflection & To-Do lists. I’ve always loved being able to read back my thoughts of when I was a teenager and think it will be especially interesting to read about the pandemic in a few years. I am not the type of person to talk to someone about what I am feeling(I know… a bad habit) so writing things down is a much better way for me to get things off my chest and onto paper. The journal is just for me and my eyeballs which helps me record my actual feelings rather than filtering them as I do when I talk to people. My second journal is used solely for To-Do lists, which I use to keep track of my life and what needs to get done—a solid example of how you can cater it to your likes and desires. 

There are endless things you can do with your journal. If you don't like one way of journaling, you can always try something new until something sticks. Most times, we don’t give ourselves enough time for self-care, and journaling is an amazing way to do so.

Howdy! I'm Cassie and currently a senior studying Environmental Science getting little sleep throughout the semester. I love spending time with my dog, taking naps when I have time, and hiking the beautiful outdoors:)
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