Facial Toners for Beginners

Disclaimer: I am not a professional so please consult with your local skincare specialist.

For background, my skin type is a combination of normal to oily. Anyways, my skin in the past months has been ranging from smooth and silky to rocky road in a blink of an eye. With the holiday season wrapping up, I believed my diet was the one at fault (I mean endless amounts of leftovers and desserts are a sure cause of unhappy skin but happy tummy).

After conducting some research, I went to the grocery store and filled my cart with various amounts of fruit that I was sure I could fit into and between meals. I incorporated loads of fruit and water into my meals, and albeit my body felt great, my skin remained as bumpy and uneven textured as ever.

I realized that hormones could have been at fault after my diet fiasco. After consulting with my doctor though, we quickly ruled hormones were ruled out. After swapping my facial cleansers numerous amount of times,l I finally gave up and visited a skincare specialist -- that is when I realized that the problem wasn’t my diet, hormones, or cleansers but my overuse of alcohol-based toners in the winter months.

Alcohol-based toners can do wonders. From disinfecting to balancing your facial pH levels (among other things, which you learn about here), alcohol has a variety of umbrella uses and benefits. Albeit the benefits seemed to beat out the “easy fix” obstructions that can occur as a result of the alcohol over-drying your skin, no moisturizing cream could help with my skin's overall dull and bumpy complexion.

Swapping my beloved alcohol-based toner to alcohol and oil-free toner I noticed an immediate change. My skin was not only visibly dewier but it was also much smoother. I recommend visiting an epidemiologist and/or esthetician for more help on discovering what solutions are best for your concerns.