Drake is Finally Coming to UTSA

You heard it here first, ‘Runners: Drake is coming to campus to perform! Though most students would agree now that Zedd’s performance on campus last fall for the PINK Game On Bash left little to be desired, many students still admit they felt let down when Drake wasn’t named as the headlining artist. Aside from his outrageous price tag, the popular hip-hop artist was also unable to perform at UTSA because of schedule conflicts. As the first rapper to make the Artist 100 ranking on the Billboard Top 100 chart after his surprise album If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late dropped, Drizzy can be quite the difficult man to book…until now.

A healthy combination of an increasing student activities budget, committed staff, ambitious students, and the strive to become a Tier One university has pushed UTSA to host another huge event like the PINK concert, this time featuring the one and only Drake. The date and place of the concert is still in the works, but undisclosed sources say we can expect to hear more official information on the event in the next few days.

So any of you who tapped your hearts out to win the PINK Campus Showdown with the intention of seeing Drake perform last semester can finally rest assured that your dreams will come true. UTSA may have Started From the Bottom, but now we’re here and we could not be any more excited to host Drake in the short future.

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