Build - A - Baby


I bring to you a quick rant about the fetishing of mixed babies. 


You can log on to Twitter and easily find a tweet as simple as this:



Or you can also log on to Twitter and see a tweet like this:



The variations of the “I want mixed babies” tweets are endless and stupid as hell.


First off, I’d like to disclaim the fact that I am biracial so this isn’t a “she’s just bitter” rant. I really would like to understand who taught all of you that a mixed baby was superior or even more beautiful than any other baby because this is not the case. Being mixed does not guarantee bright skin with green eyes and blonde, curly hair, so let’s get that picture out of our heads. There is no one-size-fits-all standard for what a mixed baby looks like. Mixed children have a variety of skin tones, eye colors, and hair textures.


I do not understand the whole having a preference of what your baby looks like because this is not ‘Build-a-Baby’ and this is not like you’re shopping for your next boyfriend or girlfriend who you want to look a certain way. It’s pretty disgusting that many people project their preferences of appearance in a mate onto a child they may have in the future.

Another thing that seems like common sense but unfortunately is not, is how having mixed children does NOT end racism. It’s not that simple, and you’re incredibly dense if you think racism ends when you have mixed children.


I’ve never thought that being biracial would mean that I could never experience racism because I have experienced racism on numerous occasions.


Babies of all races are adorable and probably enough to give anyone baby fever especially when they laugh. No one race of children are superior to the other because they are “cuter.” Oh, and by the way, doesn’t that kind of sound a little like racism? The fact that one race is superior to the other. Hm, I honestly do not know. But if you really want to sit down and end racism, maybe you should have an open, honest conversation about it rather than opening your legs in hopes of birthing some miracle child who ends racism and the oppression followed by it that has been occurring for hundreds of years.


No matter how hard I try, I don’t think I will ever understand why mixed children are placed on a pedestal. Mixed children are not a special breed and they don’t possess anything that other children don’t. So, can we please stop acting like they’re cuter and more desirable than other children?


Let’s also stop acting like we are the solution to racism because we are not.