Andrew Hubbard: UTSA President Elect

Just a few weeks ago, we elected our newest crop of leaders in the form of our newest SGA executive board and officers. Get to know more about our president-elect, Andrew Hubbard below!

Name: Andrew James Vazquez Hubbard

Nicknames:Mr. President (haha, sometimes)

Hometown:San Antonio

Relationship Status:My girlfriend and I have been together for two years. She is my better (looking) half!

Eziekiel's or Ricky's Taco Stand: Ricky's

Student Involvement: Student Government, Honors College, Investment Society, and Chabad on Campus

What do you like to do in your free time: haha If I had free time, I'd be canoeing, go-carting, and Netflix.

What motivated you to join SGA at UTSA, and eventually run for president: The amazing high caliber students that deserve top tier representation

In what ways do you think our campus could improve: We need to improve our AIS classes and Academic Advising across campus

What's your favorite thing about UTSA: My fellow students I've come to call my family. 

What initiatives and changes are you most excited to implement as student body president:  Having frequent days that our Student Government members go out and approach students and ask them about what they would like to see improved or changed on campus. 

Favorite president, and why: LBJ, He wasn't afraid to be bold, got stuff done and stood up for civil rights 

How long did it take you to get your Obama impression down: It took me about a day. I was kind of bored that day.