6 Reasons to Join Her Campus at UTSA


col•le•giette [kuh-lee-jet] noun

a college woman who is on top of her game – strategically career-minded, distinctly fashionable, socially connected, academically driven, and smartly health-conscious, who endeavors to get the most out of her college experience on every level- aka a Her Campus member.


Founded by three undergraduate students at Harvard 7 years ago, Her Campus has grown to become the #1 online magazine for “collegiette women, written by collegiette women”. With over 7000+ members and 300+ chapters, Her Campus has served as a launching point for its journalists and members. Following their Her campus experience, members have been offered jobs and internships with Glamour, Vogue, Buzzfeed, Vanity Fair, Seventeen, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, People, Huffington post, Teen vogue, InStyle, Esquire, O Magazine, MTV, the Washington Post, Digitas, Ogilvy, and many more. Who wouldn’t want that many powerful women behind them? At UTSA, our members are orientation leaders, sorority women, philanthropists, and heavily involved in other on-campus organizations outside of Her Campus.


Do you want to write about fashion? Politics? Women’s issues? Campus life? The newest trends on twitter and viral media? Her campus gives you a platform to speak your mind, and let the world see how awesome you truly are. We encourage our members to not only write about things they know but push them out of their comfort zones to engage in their campus community and San Antonio.


Leadership Development


If you want to develop your leadership skills or become an even stronger leader than you already are- Her Campus is the place for you! We are constantly looking for women who are ready to get involved, take leadership positions in our chapter, and possibly dominate the world.  Learn teamwork, communication, delegation, accountability, and work ethic all in one place while simultaneously working with a bad ass group of women.

Campus & Community Involvement

Make a difference at UTSA by sharing your voice, and exposing issues within our campus community. Her Campus has partnered with UTSA Pink, the San Antonio Battered Women’s Shelter, Project Prom San Antonio, Fraternity & Sorority Life, UTSA Football, UTSA Wake, San Antonio Express-News and many other organizations on articles and events. Every semester, we pick a different philanthropy to raise awareness for via social media, tabling, and spotlights on our website. In spring 2016 alone we collected over 20 different prom dresses to donate to Project prom SA, and held a writing workshop with the Food & Drink Editor of the San Antonio Express-News, Julie Cohen.

Resume Builder

Her Campus is not only a HUGE and prestigious name to have on your resume but gives you real world experience that employers for full-time jobs and internships  are looking for. Besides giving you the chance to become a published journalist and build your writing and journalism skills, we are always looking for photographers, editors, social media managers, graphic designers, event planners, and anything else that would add value to our team. If you are looking to beef up your resume, you’ve found your home at UTSA.

A Home Away from Home


College is hard, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. Our membership has become one big family, and we always know we have people to rely on and hear us out. To keep our team strong, we host sisterhood events throughout the semester, go on coffee dates, and communicate regularly through our page and private groups. Through Her Campus, our members have found lifelong memberships and connections to last a lifetime. 

Do you think you're Her Campus UTSA material? Contact us via our social media @HerCampusUTSA or email us at [email protected]