5 Things To Do Over The Summer To Get Ready For Fall

Summer isn't supposed to be stressful, but with a little summer prep, the transition into the new year will run so much smoother. Check out our tips on how to make the most out of your summer to benefit yourself come fall 2015!

1. Create an Everyday Schedule 

Believe it or not, your body works so much better when you are on a set schedule. Waking up/going to sleep at the same time everyday, eating all of your meals around the same time and working out at the same time are all things that every college student and adult should incorporate into their daily life. Not only will it help with weight problems, it will also guarantee that you are living to your best potential. 

2. Shopping Spree

Yes, that’s right, a shopping spree is one of the things you should get done before being a broke college student in the fall (again). Some things to stock up on or purchase before starting/returning to UTSA in the fall are Nike shorts (or "Norts" if you are a sratstar), yoga pants, headphones, a light sweater (you never know with this Texas weather if we are randomly going to get a change of weather), rain boots (refer to the last parenthesis) and anything you might need for your apartment or dorm room. 

3. Rest

Although most students think that summer is for constant fun and going out at night now that we have a break from classes, it is wise to consider using your time off in a different way. Resting over the summer is something every student should do. It is best to do this before the craziness of the fall semester starts again in August. From getting that full 8 hours of sleep to maybe skipping one night a week of not hanging out with friends late at night can really benefit you in the long run. 

4.  Get OrganizedWith the madness of fall move in, getting organized is one of the main things to having a successful moving trip. Whether you are moving into a dorm, apartment, or house, it is important to pack things that are similar; clothes with other clothes, jewelry in another box, bathroom things separate, etc. This will not only make unpacking and setting up a breeze but can also save you from losing or misplacing anything. 

5. Stay Informed

Whether it’s staying updated with the news, reading newspaper articles, or having to crack a book (or two) open, keeping up with your classes over the summer is one of the steps to being a great student. Not only will you be prepared when you step into class that first day of school but, it could also help you not be as confused when you hit the harder topics later on in the fall.