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5 Netflix Binge-Worthy Shows To Watch This Spring Break

Netflix, Netflix, Netflix. Everyone has a soft spot in their hearts for the popular streaming website. However, when was the last time you sat down and actually took the time to relax and binge watch some shows?


Every weekend when I get home from work I prefer to just stay home and relax and watch Netflix the rest of the day. Whenever I open Netflix,  it’s hard for me to find the right show to binge watch. It usually ends up taking me about 30 minutes pick the right show.


I have several go-to’s, but if I’ve already finished or lost interest in the show I look for something new. I have a list of shows I go back to and can watch whenever. I have compiled that list and I am here to share it with you today! Hopefully it will help you find a new show to binge! Some of these have multiple seasons, while some only have one – but they are all still great shows in my opinion.


1.  Grey’s Anatomy (13 seasons)

Grey’s Anatomy follows the lives of five interns: Meredith, Cristina, Izzie, George, and Alex. The show has the perfect mix of drama and suspense for my taste. The show follows the main character, Meredith, for the first couple of seasons. As the show goes on it expands to different storylines. This adds many layers to the characters it is one of Shonda Rhimes’ best shows in my opinion.


2. The Office (9 seasons)

The Office took me a while to bring myself to actually watch because if I’m being honest I’m not the biggest fan of Steve Carell, but I’m so happy I did watch it!


The Office is the perfect show to watch after a stressful day of classes and homework. It’s so funny and exaggerates the different personalities of an actual office job. The annoying boss that tries to get along with everyone is played by Steve Carell, the one that takes things waaaay too seriously is Rainn Wilson’s job, and the office jokester is the one and only John Krasinski. They also throw in the office romance between Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski’s characters, Jim and Pam.


3. Friends (10 seasons)

Friends is about a group of five friends that try to maneuver life through crazy obstacles. The show starts off with Rachel, played by Jennifer Aniston, leaving her husband at the altar to meet up with her high school best friend after many years of being apart.

It follows Rachel from being a spoiled daddy’s girl to a woman that can support herself. This show combined the quirky characters of Phoebe Buffay, Chandler Bing, the “always right” Monica Geller,  her brother Ross Geller, the ditsy Rachel Green and Joey Tribbiani. Their choice of casting made an amazing and hilarious dynamic for the show.


4. Criminal Minds (12 seasons)

This show is very different from the three listed previously. Criminal Minds is a very serious show. It follows the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit, BAU, as they travel from city to city to find serial killers. I grew up on these types of shows and still love them to this day. While almost every episode follows the same general template of how things happen, the stories for each town are very different. It’s a show that hits deep and talks about very sensitive subjects, but is still great nonetheless.


5. The Ranch (4 parts)

I really enjoy watching this show because of how easy it is to relate if you grew up in a small town where agriculture and football are very important things in life.  It follows the main character Colt and his family through their troubles of trying to keep the Iron River Ranch afloat and away from large ranching companies. It also shows the trouble of living in a small town where everyone knows your business. Especially with how hard it is to keep a love life going when you can run into an ex at every corner.  


No matter how you plan to spend your Spring Break, you now have a list of binge-worthy Netflix shows to watch during your downtime!


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