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Have you been searching for the perfect mascara? A mascara that gives you volume and length without smudging or flaking? The struggle with discovering this one-true-love is a long process not for the faint of heart. I’m the type of beauty-lover who wants her lashes to be sky high in just one coat. I don’t have the time or energy to put into applying falsies when I’m rushing to get ready for class, so I need a mascara that can do everything I desire while still allowing me to get where I need to go.

In the spirit of sharing makeup favorites, I’ve put together a list of some of my most-loved drugstore mascaras! Get ready for some major lashes and cash savings (ranked from greatest to least.)

Lash Sensational Mascara by Maybelline New York

This $10 mascara can do everything a high-end mascara can: it gives incredible length, delivers major volume, and never smudges or flakes. No matter how many mascaras I try at any price point, I always come back to this one. I can’t even count how many times I’ve repurchased it! Truly a holy-grail.

The Falsies: Push Up Angel Mascara by Maybelline New York

This mascara is perfect for people who love length but want a more natural look. Even though volume is high on my list of desired features, I have repurchased this mascara several times over and have recommended it to numerous friends over the past couple of years. The application is my favorite part! The wand is actually a cone shape. It gives just the right amount of product to the lashes to give considerable length, without adding too much gunk. I do have to warn you that, since it is a cone shape, the bristles are fairly hard to the touch so don’t put it too close to your eye. This mascara is also great for using on bottom lashes or for combing through clumps.

Super-Sizer Fibers Mascara by COVERGIRL

This mascara is really interesting because it actually has little fibers in the formula, which grab onto your lashes and makes them look longer. Just watch as your once tiny lashes hit your eyebrows. Talk about major length! You’ll totally laugh at the fibers left in the sink after you wash it off!

Lash Paradise Mascara by L’OREAL Paris

If you’re looking for a dupe for the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara, this is your best bet! The tube even looks like the packaging. Other than style, what I love most about this mascara is the formula. As opposed to its high-end counterpart, the formula isn’t messy and doesn’t smudge throughout the day. All in all, this mascara was a total find for me! One thing I will say is that the first swipe left much to be desired, but the more I used it the more I liked it!

So Lashy Mascara by COVERGIRL

Looking for a mascara that gives a more natural look? COVERGIRL’s So Lashy Mascara might just be your perfect fit! Don’t be fooled by the wand, I barely got any black dots on my eyelids! However, it is a bit tricky to maneuver at first so it might be more difficult for beginners. This mascara gave my lashes quite a bit of length and a natural amount of volume. I couldn’t believe the turn out of this mascara!

Remember, makeup works differently for everyone so you may have a completely different experience than my own. I hope you try out these beauties and love them as much as I do!

Lauren is a sophomore at UTSA majoring in Communications. You can find her searching the Internet for fashion and beauty news, binging the latest Netflix documentaries, or writing for her blog, Lifestyle on a Budget (www.lifestyleonabudget.com).
Lauren is currently a senior at UTSA who is obsessed with anything involving music and pop culture. She is one of the Campus Correspondents for HC UTSA, and is in charge of social media and editing. You can catch her traveling across the country for concerts, eating Whataburger fries, or constantly scrolling through her social media feeds.