15 Things only an Ex-Drill Teamer can Appreciate

Mar 28 at 4:32 PM
There are two types of women in the world. Women who were on Drill Team, and those who were not. If you fall into the first category, you know the blood, sweat, and tears that go into being on your high school drill team. From the moment you decided to try out, you signed up to hear "run it one more time" 10,000 times, thursday night pep-rally practices, broken toes, and hours and hours of practice just to prefect one competition dance. Through all the struggle though, chances are you wouldn't trade your Drill Team experience for the world, and there are more than 1,000 ways it changed you for the better. 
The ability to be able to change in public not only discreetly, but in under a minute.
You can smile through anything, whether it be getting screamed at by your boss, or having to hold your pee in class. 
After all of those 5 hour bus rides to get to out of town games, you're a pro at sleeping (semi) comfortably on long car rides.
You own enough yoga pants and tights to last you until you're 30.
All of those leftover dance costumes make killer mixer, Halloween, and party outfits.
You know how to fundraise due to having to pay for those pricey (but awesome) competition trips.
 Being able to show off in yoga or at the gym by folding your body like a pretzel. 
You have the loudest voice in any room, and people normally come to you to get a crowd's attention. 
On that note... You have great skills performing/ speaking in public since you performed for your whole town every Friday night (& the Cotton Bowl).
You know the importance of blush, and mastered winged eyeliner when you were only 16. 
Having the respectful habit of saying "yes mam/ yes sir" and "no mam/no sir" to anyone, regardless of age. 
Your time managment skills are on point after balancing 4 years of drill team, school, work, and everything else.
Knowing that sock buns are definetly NOT your look.
Having a whole album on Facebook dedicated to your glory days. 
Having immense respect for your elders aka the seniors.
Knowing that you could effectively kidnap anyone after kidnapping your little sis. 
You know how to look skinny in every photo thanks to the "drill team" pose.
Your high school career was heavily documented thanks to that one "stalkerazzi" mom. 
All those times you got to miss school to go to competition!
Missing your team, dance, and maybe even your coach every single day!


Bonus: That ONE friend from drill team who you will ALWAYS be friends with, because she's seen you naked too many times to count. (Lova ya Linds <3)