Top 10 Celeb Halloween Costumes 2018

Halloween 2018 was without a doubt one of the greatest especially when it comes to costumes. Many of our favorite celebrities went all out with their costumes and didn’t disappoint. In case you didn’t get to see all the great costumes, I’ve compiled a list of the top ten celebrity Halloween costumes this year: 


  1. Beyonce and Jay Z: 

Queen Bey and her husband Jay Z dressed as Florence Joyner and Tommie Smith. For those who don’t know Florence was an Olympic track and field athlete in the 60’s and is considered one of the fastest women of all time. Tommie Smith was an Olympic track and field athlete and wide receiver in the American football league. Bey and Jay totally killed it with this costume, and I’m loving the fact that they paid homage to Olympic icons! 


2. Madison Pettis 

Speaking of Beyonce, former Disney Channel actress Madison Pettis decided to channel her inner Queen Bey by dressing up as Beyonce. The actress wore a replica of the outfit that Beyonce wore during her 2017 Coachella performance. She completed the outfit with a wig that totally gives me Beyonce vibes. 


3. Kylie Jenner 

Kylie Jenner rocked several costumes this Halloween, but one of my favorite is definitely her Barbie costume. The youngest Kardashian/Jenner sister rocked a pink leotard and blonde wig that resembled the iconic doll’s hair. In addition to the costume itself Kylie took it one step further by posing inside of a life-size Barbie box complete with a life-size doll stand. 


4. Kylie Jenner and Stormi Jenner Webster 

Kylie rocked so many costumes this year it was almost impossible to only add one of them to this list.. so we added two. This costume of Kylie’s was a butterfly costume complete with giant pink butterfly wings and pink leotard. Kylie wasn’t the only one dressed as a butterfly though, her daughter Stormi wore a matching costume that was total daughter goals. 


5. Kourtney Kardashian  

Kylie’s sister Kourtney wore another one of my favorite costumes. Kourtney dressed as fellow celeb Ariana Grande. The costume featured Ariana’s signature thigh high boots and high ponytail. Kourtney even posed in one of Ariana’s signature poses for pictures. Overall Kourtney rocked this look. 


6. Chrissy Teigan and John Legend 

Celeb power couple Chrissy Teigan and John Legend rocked another one of the best costumes this Halloween. The couple dressed as Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, and they totally nailed the royal costume. Not only am I loving the costume itself, but I’m also totally loving the wigs. 


7. The Cast of Blackish 

So technically this costume was for the show’s Halloween episode, but it was too epic to not add to the list. The cast of Blackish dressed as Kilmonger, Nakia and T’Challa from the 2018 movie Black Panther, and can I just say they totally could’ve fooled me into thinking they were Marvel superheroes. The costumes are super detailed and even include some (fake) vibranium accessories fit for any Wakandan


8. Zac Posen 

It’s no surprise that a fashion icon like designer Zac Posen would be wearing an awesome costume. Posen dressed up as Willy Wonka, and looked like he was ready for a trip to the chocolate factory. The costume was complete with a purple coat and a top hat. Not only was the costume amazing, but the quality of the costume is incredible and fit for any fashion designer. 


9. Heidi Klum 

Posen wasn’t the only fashion icon wearing one of the best costumes this Halloween, fellow Project Runway cast member Heidi Klum wore a Princess Fiona costume fit for any swamp. The costume was possibly the most detailed costume I saw all Halloween. It featured Fiona’s iconic green dress, green body paint, ogre hands, ogre feet, ogre ears, a red Fiona wig and a crown to top off the look. This costume quickly became iconic and is sure to be talked about for many more Halloween’s to come. 


10.  Kevin Hart and Family  

Closing out the list is none other than the hilarious Kevin Hart and his family. Hart along with his wife and three kids dressed as the Minions from Despicable Me and The Minions Movie. The costumes featured the minions overalls, yellow skin and googles. Hart and his family even took a series of photos like the one shown above in front of backgrounds that match the costume. Overall the entire family looked adorable and the costume totally screamed family goals.