Safety Tactics for Women

Crime on unsuspecting and undeserving victims is an unnerving facet of our society that women have to bear the brunt of. Walking alone down the street, going out at night, or even driving to school can be a place for a predator to strike, so it’s important to prepare yourself with skills and strategies to avoid being taken advantage of.



    It's important to be aware of your surroundings and trust your gut feeling. Criminals use the element of surprise and chose victims who seem like easy targets - those not paying attention to a potentially unsafe situation. One way to do this is to trust your sixth sense or that gut feeling in your subconscious that gives unexplainable insight. Use it to your advantage and if you don't feel safe, for whatever reason, you're probably not.

It's your right to fight

    In the event that you find yourself confronted by a predator remember that you have the right to do whatever you can to defend yourself. Even if the attacker hasn't struck but is threatening you, you can legally and morally physically defend yourself.  Many fear that retaliation could anger the attacker and make things worse but statistically your chances are greater if you fight back. However struggling against an assailant will only exhaust you so wait for the moment they're distracted to strike. Aim for the eyes and groin or use the heel of your palms to clap hard on both ears to disorient them. Strike quickly while you have the chance and take the first opportunity to run. On the other hand, if you’re being robbed for money throw your wallet away from yourself and run; chances are they care more about the money than you. Always aim for an escape.


Don't be too trusting

    Don't ever open a door at home or at a hotel if you're not certain who’s on the other side.  Criminals can dress up as repairmen or the police so be sure they have a legitimate reason to be at your doorstep. Predators have used tactics such as playing a recording of a baby crying outside women's homes to lure them outside, so if you ever hear something unusual, especially at night, call the police immediately and don't open the door.  Criminals are master manipulators and have used the kindness and naiveness of women to their advantage. In fact, Ted Bundy, an infamous serial killer, would pretend to be crippled and charm women to assist him only to make them his victim. He even impersonated figures of authority like policemen to gain their trust. It's important to remember that you can say no and be assertive to suspicious characters and stay where it's safe.



Park safely

    Don't park in dimly lit areas where you wouldn't see an attacker and be cautious of your surroundings.  If your parked next to a big van enter your vehicle through the passenger door instead because some attackers hide in vans to quickly subdue their victims.  Also immediately lock all doors and windows when you enter your car. If you're the type to sit for a while before driving away that makes you susceptible to a carjacking if your doors aren't locked.  In the case that someone forces themself into your car and threatens you, instead of doing what they say crash the vehicle into a wall or a tree.  Your airbag will protect you while they'll get the brunt of it and it's better to be found in a wreck than a crime scene. And remember, if you ever feel uncomfortable you can always ask the store manager to walk you to your car at any time.  Better to be safe than sorry.