March Favorites: Movies

Neida Alcantar

I saw "Call Me By Your Name" two weeks ago because I heard good things about it. I wanted to watch it because I knew what the storyline was about. But, what attracted me the most about the movie was the setting, the summer of 1980s Italy (three terms that sound amazing put together) and the cinematography.  Watching the two main actors chilling by the pool while a warm sun tans their skin, I started to miss summer and everything about it; pools, friends, movie theatres, hot weather and iced tea. The movie seemed to have a nostalgic feel even though it was just released last year. 

Kennedy Castillo

I have so many all-time favorite movies, but for March my favorite movie was hands down “Black Panther”. It was the first time Marvel had an African American as the main hero. Aside from how historic and record-breaking the movie was, it really set up the upcoming Marvel movie “Infinity War”. I’m a huge Marvel fan so “Black Panther” was really great, because it’s revealed a lot of information that will be vital to the plot of ”Infinity War”, for example we now know that the soul stone might be in Wakanda (the fictional location where the movie takes place). I definitely recommend going to watch this movie if you haven’t already it’s still in theaters so you won’t have a problem watching it. As far as some March favorite movies that aren’t new, but you could definitely find on DVD or Netflix I recommend;  “The Hunger Games” (or it’s three sequels), “Back to the Future” (or it’s two sequels), “The Avengers”, “Captain America Civil War” or “Moana” they’re all great movies for a girl’s night in, family movie night or a Netflix movie marathon session.

Laura De Leon

This month I actually spent a good amount of time at theatre watching new movies so much so that it makes it hard for me to choose a favorite one for this month. I saw “Shape of Water” in February so I won’t count it as a favorite for March. I did see “3 Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri” a few days ago and it was amazing! I loved the storyline so much, there was so many unexpected changes and occurrences that the film had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. If you haven’t yet watched it I highly recommend it. The movie is about how one mother decides to deal with the way local police has handled the rape and murder of her daughter. Throughout the film we see Mildred Hayes, (Frances McDormand) take matters into her own hands. After purchasing advertising space to catch the attention of the town she begins to experience backlash from both the police force and the citizens of Ebbing Missouri. Before I spoil too much, just keep in mind that this film is more than the story of a rape and murder, its a story about making change.

Berenice Gonzalez

Choosing a favorite movie is damn near impossible to ask a person. There are so many categories and film styles to choose from that it overwhelms me! There are classic movies like “The Shining,” “Pulp Fiction,” “The Silence of the Lambs” and “Kill Bill.” Then there are more indie films such as “Donnie Darko,” “Juno,” “Submarine” and most recently “Call Me By Your Name” and “Lady Bird.” Can’t forget about foreign films either including “Oldboy,” “Pan’s Labyrinth,” “Y Tú Mama También” and “City of God.” I also like animated films and one of my childhood favorites has and will always be “The Prince of Egypt.” Amazing soundtrack. Talking about amazing soundtracks, and throwing in a few great lines, “Jennifer’s body” had a killer soundtrack. Making every other movie’s soundtrack totally “lime green jello” if ya know what I mean. It might’ve been because I was in my little rebel phase but those songs went hard with along with Scott Pilgrim vs. the World’s soundtrack. 10/10 would recommend.

Varesh Gorabi

My favorite movie has got to be “The Emperor's New Groove”. I can watch it over and over again and it will remain just as magical and fun. I love the quirky and original characters, the challenges Kuzco and Pacha go through, and the visuals themselves - Yzma’s laboratory, the palace, the jungles of Peru. Every time I watch it I am in awe of the work of the artists, designers and writers of the film - it’s just such a lovable family film that really is timeless.

Juan Pablo Hernandez

"Raider of the Lost Ark" is hands down my all-time favorite film. Steven Spielberg's adventure feature loomed large over my childhood; as a child, I wanted to be Indiana Jones—archeology professor by day, swashbuckling adventurer by night. My adoration for Jones was largely due to the everyman characterization of the character. Indy isn’t an invincible protagonist; he's a fallible hero who makes mistakes, gets hurt and, of course, is afraid of snakes. Breathing life into the character is none other than Harrison Ford. Ford's commanding screen presence and aptness for screwball comedy are second to none, in my opinion. No hero comes close to Indy—he’s the quintessential film hero. Starring alongside Ford is Karen Allen as Marion Ravenwood. She's every bit Indy's equal, and she's isn't afraid to bring our hero down a peg or two. There's plenty of memorable moments in the film, from the iconic prologue that sees Indy running away from a gigantic boulder to Indy facing a cobra face-to-face to the face-melting scene. Let's not forget John William's triumphant composition, "The Raiders March" (aka Indy's theme). You won’t be able to stop humming it. Trust me.