Joining Her Campus FAQs Answered

The school year is finally in full gear, and it's time to start joining student organizations. Her Campus UTRGV is currently recruiting new members, and we would love to have you join our team! As campus correspondent I receive a lot of questions regarding; how to join HC UTRGV, the benefits of joining HC UTRGV and more. Below are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about HC UTRGV: 

What is HC UTRGV?

Since you're reading this article you are probably familiar with Her Campus. Her Campus is an online magazine for college women with hundreds of chapters. HC UTRGV is the local chapter of Her Campus at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. Our chapter has our own page on the Her Campus site where we upload our writer's articles. 

What are the benefits of joining HC UTRGV?

It's difficult to sum up the benefits of HC UTRGV in one short answer, but I'll try my best! One of the major benefits is the opportunity for college students to publish their writing. Being a published writer is a big deal, and HC UTRGV gives you the opportunity to publish your writing. Another benefit is that you can gain experience in the different aspects of media inclduing; journalism, photography, public relations, marketing and photography. Another benefit is opportunities like attending Her Campus' annual conference "Her Conference" and their annual fashion show "College Fashion Week" 

What are the requirements to join HC UTRGV?

We do not have any specific requirements to join. HC UTRGV is open to students of any major, classification and gender. We do however ask that every student that joins HC UTRGV is willing to actively participate in the organization. Active participation means; attending meetings, writing articles and attending events. It is important that every new member understands that HC is a time commitment. We understand that students are busy and won't penalize students who miss a meeting or don't write during finals week, but we do ask that you be as active as possible. 

Do I have to write in order to be a member of HC UTRGV?

It's important that all of our members are active within HC UTRGV, but we understand not everyone is comfortable writing. This year we are opening up new positions based on demand. If you're interested in a position that does not involve writing you can contact us and we'll be happy to open up a new position based on your strengths. Some new positions we are interested in opening up are; event planners, photographers and social media managers. 

What can I write about?

Members of HC UTRGV can write about basically anything that interests them and might interest our target audience (college students at UTRGV specifically women). Our articles range from news or informative article to short listicles and even personal essays. Writers are welcome to write articles related to their major, current events, campus events or anything else! 

Can males join HC UTRGV too?

The name Her Campus usually gives people the misconception that HC is only for females, but that is not true! Males who are interested in joining HC UTRGV are welcome to join. At the moment we have male writers. Our target audience is women, but that doesn't mean we discriminate against men. 

Can students from the Brownsville campus join HC UTRGV?

Even though we meet primarily on the Edinburg campus HC UTRGV is open to all students of UTRGV including students from the Brownsville campus. We'll work out an arrangement so that you don't have to attend meetings, but can still stay informed about what is happening within HC UTRGV. 

How do I join HC UTRGV?

We're so excited you're interested in joining! There are a few ways to join HC UTRGV. The first and recommended way to join HC UTRGV is by emailing President/Campus Correspondent Kennedy Castillo at [email protected] or [email protected] The second way to join is to email our advisor Dr. Gregory Selber if you feel more comfortable emailing him at [email protected] The third way to join is by requesting to join via VLink. Lastly you can join by attending one of our meetings, which we will announce via our social media pages.