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3 Cheap Vegan and Vegetarian Options Near UTRGV

Whether you’re trying to lower your carbon footprint, going for a healthier lifestyle or just don’t want to eat friendly creatures anymore, exploring a vegetarian/vegan diet may sound appealing to you. A common misconception is that cutting meat/dairy can be expensive, or inconvenient and time-consuming. None of that is necessarily true; if anything, you can save money and time by just shopping smart.

The following are a few options near the UTRGV area that are cheap and veggie-friendly.

Disclaimer: I am a vegetarian who chooses not to eat dairy and eggs. I’m not completely vegan, which means, I’m not 100% sure if some of the things listed were cooked near/in the same oil as meats and so forth. If you are a strict vegan, I suggest you look into that before trying any of the following.


One of the first things I get asked when I tell people I’m vegetarian is, “Don’t you miss Mexican food?” After wiping the green salsa from my mouth, I usually tell them how I eat tacos almost every day. Here is what I order:

For breakfast, I usually order a papa la Mexicana taco on a corn tortilla, and occasionally add beans on it for some extra protein.This usually amounts to $3

For lunch, I order two bean, rice and avocado tacos on corn tortillas. With some salsa, pico and the complimentary bag of chips, you got yourself a whole meal for $3!

2. El Pato

Say, it’s after 7 p.m., you’re out of class and you’re hungry for some tacos but Poncho’s just closed. You can essentially order the exact same thing, or combine any other two (even three!) veggie-friendly taco fillers at El Pato for $3-4 depending on how many tacos or how many fillers.

3. Khans

The Valley’s favorite stir fry! By not adding meat to your plate you can save $2! That’s a $9 plate compared to your friends $12 stir fry.

All of these locations are near or on campus at UTRGV! 

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