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Thoughts I Have Because of my Research Class

While coming up with my current research topic, I really thought about researching the benefits of owning a pet or people’s opinions of Greek Life, but I went with police and excessive use of force since it seems like there is an incident on the news dealing with use of force regularly..but here are some thoughts that I have had while taking my Methods and Analysis class.

1. Is it too late to change my topic?   

I have considered changing my topic idea since the first day. I always think of a better topic idea, but then I remember I would have to research new information. No one has time for that.

2. What the heck is a lit review?  

At the start of the class, we were assigned a paper…a Literature Review. Everyone, including myself, was very confused on what the heck that was, so we all struggled with the do’s and don’ts of this. I felt very stupid when the professor finally told us that it was basically a research paper and that we were over thinking it.

3. Oh, that is how you wanted that written. Gotcha.

When I got my rough draft back for my lit review, all I saw was the red marks, and I thought, “This is it– I am dropping this class.” I have never struggled so hard with a paper in my three years of college! This paper will probably be the death of me.

4. Crap, I think I did the wrong CITI Program Module.

For me to be able to conduct research, I had to complete for program called CITI, so after I registered, I started to take what I thought were the required ones to take…but as I was reading and taking the quizzes, I realized that all the information was related to finance. Fun fact: I am not majoring or minoring in anything close to finance! I had to start all over and sign up for right program, but thankfully, I finished it on time, and I passed, so that is all that matters.

5. Wait, we had an assignment due?

That is my biggest fear: that I forgot to do an assignment or a quiz for my class. It is definitely the struggle when other students start talking about a quiz and you have a mini heart attack because you thought it was for the class you are in right now, but it turns out it was for a completely different class. You totally didn’t almost have to drop out of college or anything over a quiz. It’s fine. I’m fine.  

6. Can I have a break yet?  

I am so ready for a break because I need rest from all my responsibilities that comes with college and this class! We all know too well that the weekend short and there is always too much that needs to get done in a such a short amount of time.

Regardless of my many feelings about this class, I think I can make it to the end, and I’m not going to give up!

I am a senior at UTM, I am majoring in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Law Enforcement. I am in Alpha Delta Pi, I am the President of the Criminal Justice Society at UTM. I love anything that has to do with cats and cacti.I am a proud cat mom, my cat's name is Kiwi. And I am a lifeguard at Magic Waters Waterpark in Rockford IL. 
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